Drawings Combined with Photographs

Drawings Combined with Photographs

Ben Heine has expanded his series of photos combined with drawings that we featured last month. This time, he even introduced fire into his work. Enjoy!

Drawing Combined with Photograph

Burning Drawing

Drawing Combined with Photo

Drawing Merged with Real World

Photography Combined with Pencil Drawing

Burning Pencil Drawing

Pencil Vs Camera

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  1. Pete

    Really cool.

    If I had to guess the technique: photograph while holding a blank piece of paper, and do the drawing afterwards?

  2. lucas

    those are pretty funny

  3. Matt

    Such a modern technique that offers a diverse perspective!

    Definitely a talented artist!

    Thanks Toxel for sharing! :)

  4. Vibha

    Such a simple way of looking at things differently.

  5. Carlos

    so fake

  6. timmay

    thats pretty cool

  7. JBleezy

    Cool, but kinda looks like it was done in Photoshop a little too much

  8. killah-bunny

    Gawd people, have you never thought that Photoshop can be used ON PURPOSE? He is using it as his artistic medium…get over yourselves!

  9. Dan H

    It was kind of neat the first time around. Now it just seems like Toxel’s running out of stuff to post. (You don’t have to post just for the sake of posting daily, guys. Take a breather.)

  10. Cory

    Love the dinosaur. It should be subtitled with “I dont care anymore.”. I saw that once on a drawing of an astronaut fighting a shark

  11. Cairo

    very good. It´s a creative pont of view

  12. Diego

    too funny and creative

  13. james

    looks more like the pictures were taken, then he photoshop’d in the paper and the hand and then drew the illustrations then digitally inserted them

  14. Web Hippo

    Really cool effect. Loving the friendly manikins…

  15. emilychoy

    this is amazing!

  16. samkinkel

    thats soo cool! i wonder how they did it to look so real!

  17. Mark

    Any know how it’s done. I would like te reproduce the effect

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