24 Cool Logos with Hidden Symbols

24 Cool Logos with Hidden Symbols

Did you know that many famous companies have objects and symbols hidden inside their logos? This post showcases cool logo designs that cleverly use negative space to convey subliminal messages.

Via Rail Logo

Canadian rail service features train tracks in the middle of their logo.

Via Rail Logo

LG Logo

Some people believe that Pac-Man is hidden inside the LG logo :)

LG Logo

Hanuet Wine Logo

Elegant logo by Euan MacKenzie features two wine glasses.

Hanuet Wine Logo

Families Logo

This timeless logo was designed by Herb Lubalin back in 1980.

Families Logo

Goodwill Logo

Goodwill’s logo is a stylized letter “g” that doubles as a smiling face.

Goodwill Logo

Portrait Photos Logo

Creative logo for portrait photography studio by Atakan Seçkin.

Portrait Photos Logo

Bison Logo

Clever logo designed for a rock band from Vancouver, Canada.

Bison Logo

Summit Logo

Cool symmetrical logo designed for a rock climbing clothing brand.

Summit Logo

City Direct Logo

Brilliant logo designed by Mike Erickson for an airline company.

City Direct Logo

Formula 1 Logo

Negative space in the middle creates the shape of the number one.

Formula 1 Logo

Carrefour Logo

The name of the company means crossroads in French. The logo features the letter “C” between two arrows that point in different directions.

Carrefour Logo

Toblerone Logo

The image of a bear is hidden in the Matterhorn mountain symbolizing the town where the first Toblerone chocolate bar was created.

Toblerone Logo

Big Ten Logo

United States’ oldest Division I college athletic conference expended to 11 teams and their logo was modified to reflect the change.

Big Ten Logo

NBC Logo

One of the world’s most popular logos features a peacock looking to the right to show that the company is looking forward, not back.

NBC Logo

Eight Logo

Creative logo designed from different parts of the number eight.

Eight Logo

Modern Nerd Logo

Boudewijn Vermolen incorporated the word “nerd” inside “modern”.

Modern Nerd Logo

ED Logo

Cool logo designed by Gianni Bortolotti for Italian electric company.

ED Logo

Giraffe Logo

Memorable logo designed by Lemika for Giraffe design studio.

Giraffe Logo

Amazon Logo

Logo features an arrow shaped smile that represents customer satisfaction and reflects Amazon’s goal to sell every product from A to Z.

Amazon Logo

Sun Microsystems Logo

Popular logo designed by Vaughan Pratt features four interleaved copies of the word sun and can be read from any direction.

Sun Microsystems Logo

E2 Logo

Creative logo designed by Judd Madden for E2 Consulting.

E2 Consulting

Mammoth Mountain Logo

Brilliant logo designed for a ski resort represents a mammoth, a mountain, and even a ski trail.

Mammoth Mountain Logo

Raven Logo

Creative logo designed for a Dutch financial advice company.

Raven Logo

FedEx Logo

Negative space between the letters “E” and “X” creates an arrow.

FedEx Logo

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  1. Bill

    Never noticed the fedex arrow before…

  2. Megan

    The Pac-Man one is genius :) LOL

  3. aditia

    yeah the Pacman is the creative one, first time I know this

  4. Todd Wallace

    I’ve always loved the Families logo.

  5. Régis

    The Carrefour logo also seens like a alien when you rotate it 90° to the right. In the red and blue logo (the most used here in Brazil)is easier to see, but it’s there and has a funny hat! ;)

  6. GustaveCo

    I think the ED logo is really smart.

    Bison is amazing also.

  7. Tori

    I think the LG to PacMan is a bit of a stretch. But, overall, nice collection!

  8. Ron

    Do not get the NBC one at all :S

  9. Agarigi

    where is the bear in the toblerone logo? i cannot see it.. is it only me or..

  10. lol

    i really like the pac man one

  11. Jani

    Awesome. I did not know that “Arrow” thing on the “Fedex” logo.

    Thanks for sharing :)

  12. Pri

    Superb stuff.. Imagine the creativity involved.. Kudoss

  13. Art of Concept

    Really great collection! uch creativity! I must say I’m one of those that never noticed the arrow in the Fedex logo!

  14. Lachie

    They missed this! Its canterbury clothing company from new zealand. Kiwis are hidden in the c’s. Through this logo the kiwi appears on many international rugby jerseys!

  15. Cliff

    Definitely the Italian ED logo.
    Possibly the simplest and yet most impactful.
    Thanks for posting

  16. cchana

    the one for carrefour really impressed me! shown it to loads of friends and family and no one ever knew! i don’t know if that’s good or bad design! :S

  17. simon

    that’s genius

  18. Toasty O's

    I have never noticed the G in the goodwill logo before, I always saw the face.

  19. Ken

    The Round Table Pizza logo is some flags or banners that spell FUN

  20. Kirvi Inci

    Agarigi : I don’t see it either.

    Wait! I found a better picture of the Bear.

    If you look really close you can see a bear standing on it’s haunches.


    I don’t understand the NBC one, but ok lol.

  22. Karin L.

    Quite Creative Design!!!

  23. Betty

    There are brilliant and I’d never notice the FED EX arrow either but somehow, I think it registered on a subliminal level. Effective!

  24. Karen

    the FedEx one its the most brilliant i think. some one pointed that out to me before, i was super suprised.

  25. Sharyn

    They were brilliant! It took a while for me to see some, particularly the bear in the Toblerone and the Raven logo.

  26. Levente

    Nice ones!
    I also like the Orange County Choppers’ logo, you should check it
    (OCC with a hidden chopper.)

  27. Ben

    Wow! That’s really cool!
    When I think I see some of these logos every days and never realized that, I feel so stupid !!!!

  28. Moo

    Great post! Did not realize the amazon, nbc, goodwill, or toblerone special effects even though i see those logos every day. I knew about the Fedex. And I don’t think the Lg to pacman is a stretch at all. It actually looks so obvious now.

  29. sunil sahoo

    wow beautiful..

  30. Raads

    some pepole fail to realise that the lg logo is supposed to be a face :D

  31. Steven

    isnt de D in the feDEx logo fat at the bottom?

  32. Rit

    Vote for RAVEN logo :)

  33. Diego

    very cool logos!

  34. passion


  35. dollydigital

    Good ol’ Fed Ex logo. I bore everyone I know saying ‘can you see the arrow, can you arrow!?’

    Crackin’ list!

  36. Ana

    The FedEx logo also has a spoon in the word “Fed” It’s between letters E and D.

  37. Garrett

    The balance of pulling off an effective logo that communicates the desired message, with a hidden image is an impressive feat. It sort of gives them a one two punch. 1) When you notice that it is an attractive logo and then 2) when you realize the length of care its creator exhibited to hide an image inside fairly uncomplicated graphics.

  38. Raads

    @ Steven well ds are generally ‘fatter’ at the bottom than they are at the top :D in the english alphabet of course. the Bison one is perfect!!!!

  39. Jim

    Will be interested to see how Big 10 reflects addition of Nebraska. Guess they have about a year to work on it.

  40. yellowww

    I like E2. Nice stuff!

  41. Julian

    Carrefour is my favorite. Not just it’s a “C” and two arrows, it’s also a Fish! carrefour is a hypermart, modern marketplace. The fish is rellevant.

  42. Becca

    NBC has a peacock because it was the first station to air in color, not because the peacock is looking forward.
    And these are ballin’. :)

  43. Joey

    LG logo reminds me rather of a smiling pirate, but from what I know PacMan is a cheerful guy too. ;)

  44. G Loaf

    The arrow in the fedex logo was ALL I could see as a kid

  45. ChEeSe

    ive never noticed the fedex one b4

  46. Nigel

    wow never noticed the pacman using it for an art project thanks!

  47. l o o j a w

    Inspiring ;p

  48. Manik

    All logos are just awesome. Fantastic use of negative space can be seen. Fedex and eight are my favorite logos.
    Thanks for the post.

  49. Krunal

    Never noticed the fedex arrow before… Good One..
    and also Portrait Photos Logo is superb.

  50. Gummy

    how about the 2 different cups (one tea cup, one red cup) as the O’s in the logo for Solo Cups?

  51. Antor Paul

    Haha, I didn’t see the Pac Man inside LG before!! I can’t find the Bear in Toblerone…and I found out about the FedEx arrow only a while before reading this post, I thought I was the only one who noticed it :).

  52. Joby

    I believe the ‘Sun’ logo is the most brilliant. Reminds me of this book called Angels and Demons from Dan Brown. Eight and ED logo, superb as well.
    Kinda funny how many logo’s are based on positive-negative space.

    About the Toblerone: I think you should focus on the wizard kinda creature and erase the hat, what remains would be a smiling polar bear in my opinion.

  53. Frankie

    I’ve noticed all of these before I came to this website except Modern. I didn’t know it made the word nerd. This is a cool site.

  54. Darren

    Cool, creative, awesome.

  55. Sid


  56. Alice

    haha my friend was talking about the arrow in FedEx in a presentation she did and I thought it was cool to find it here too

  57. Trey

    One of my favorites is the Northwest Airlines logo, where the smal triangle in the upper left combines with the italicized “N” to form a W, but ALSO points to the … wait for it … northwest.

  58. Kat

    I would have never noticed these before! AMAZING!! :)

  59. Mary

    WoW! I never looked at it that way. These logos indeed contain all these elements. Interesting discovery.

  60. Mac Adoug

    You missed the tusks in the Mammoth logo.

  61. Coolsacs

    Is it only me or everyone noticed a Face in LG’s first logo ..btw that pacman thing was awesome …the whole list is awesome..

  62. Jason

    Pac Man!!! Lololololol :)
    In FedEx newer seen this arrow 0_o
    thx, great post!!!

  63. Darryl Ware

    FedEx always a favorite…did not see another favorite a very good logo,,,xpedx

  64. Pete

    Logos are the hardest things to design. Love em all.

    One of my all time favorites is the old Northwest Airlines Logo. Very Clever…

  65. Mike

    The company LG used to be called “Life’s Good” so I think the stylised face was a way to remember that.

    Otherwise great collection

  66. Jo

    For geeky people in the UK check out the Highways Agency and the Chartered Institute of Taxation. I promise you : )

  67. Tukba

    I never realised that the negative space in the F1 logo was a 1. I thought it was the red stripes that was the one.

    They are all fantastic and all provide a smile in the mind :-)

  68. jimluschen

    the Kahlua label is a subliminal picture of a man’s left profile (the Frito Bandito?). He has significant 5-o’clock shadow.

  69. Purple elephant

    Summit Logo
    It is for a ski outfit store/brand don’t know which one :/ you can tell by the headgear :)

  70. Lulu

    We just talked about the care four one in class today!!!

  71. Nini

    cool designs

  72. Sammy

    Awesome Ive never noticed that stuff!!

  73. Mike

    Ever notice the apple logo has a subliminal massage i only noticed it last week the bite on thr apple matches with the backround and looks like a old telephonr

  74. Kristie

    Designing a log right now and this post is so helpful- incorporating a hidden symbol/picture for sure now!

  75. awesome

    i got a 110 on my project because of all the hidden meanings

  76. pandi

    i Expected the tusks in the Mammoth logo. But Missed. Otherwise good:-)

  77. connie kim

    there is more! the spoon half shaped circle

  78. georgia stanford

    love the pac-man one and the fed-ex arrow!!!! haha :)

  79. Sneha

    The ‘eight’ logo and the ‘ED’ logo are brilliant! :)

  80. Lexi

    I think fedex is very clever btw if u write out my name like the way fedex is there is also an arrow in my name


    These are really brilliant.The one I like most is the ‘RAVEN’.

  82. fedex fail

    fedex logo is a complete fail.
    apparently “symbolising speed and precision” – what a load of crap!

    If you believe in the power of the subliminal and subconcious with hidden negative space then I’d be more concerned about overlooking the hidden spoon in the ‘e’ of (ironically) Fed. Someone’s been spoonfeeding someone bullsh*t somewhere…

  83. Karen

    ugh. are you all in kindergarten? what do they teach in design school these days? Hidden symbols …… it is negative space.

  84. Stephen

    For those having trouble with the bear: http://i.imgur.com/b1Npg.jpg

  85. Julissa

    Brilliant logos, italian electric logo is genius lol i love all the sweet creative minds out there :)

  86. Summer

    The FedEx one also between the e and the d the bottom of the e makes a spoon

  87. Haley Bryan

    My dad used to say to look at FedEX for a pic. And I thought it was the DE which looked to me like a big rig but now that I look I see the arrow.Lol I thought I was stupid cause everybody i knew saw the arrow but me.

  88. DDS

    Wow! I’ve never noticed the Toblerone bear before!

  89. ter

    The peacock in NBC really surprised me

  90. Silver Surfer

    Very nice !!

    LG used to be “Lucky Goldstar”.

    The arrow in FedEx means “Moving things forward”.

    I think I finally saw the bear in the Toblerone logo, I think it’s standing on his rear paws.

    NBC peacock, I see thing logo since I was a child and never seen it.

  91. rick

    off all these, no mention of the apple logo.

  92. Robert

    There is a teaspoon In the fedex between e and d

  93. MrM

    I always thought the ‘ski tracks’ in the Mammoth logo were actually TUSKS

  94. jimmy

    Still dont notice the bear in tobelrone

  95. Matthew

    For all the people who can’t see the bear in the toblerone. He’s on the far left. He takes up all of the far left.

  96. Mia

    Now I can’t unsee the arrow in FedEx lol

  97. Sascha

    The Amazon was the coolest for me and FedEx

  98. marry

    My dad showed me the FEDEX one I thought it was guinuis that there’s an arrown in between the e and the x

  99. Suzette

    Also in the FEDEX if you look at the first e and d there is a rear axle. My brother works for them and showed me that one.

  100. jaz

    i see a squirrel more then a bear in the toblerone logo is it just me?…

  101. Epic Man

    The FedEX one was giunies or how ever how you spell that

  102. idk

    i dont get the families one

  103. John

    In the nbc logo all the colors stand for what your missing in a tv,rca is a tv company and made nbc also theres a peacock in between the colors.

  104. Radley

    FedEx has a arrow in the middle of the e and x
    The end(;

  105. Richa S

    Most ppl out here seem to be fixated with fedex and lg logos. Somehow, I knew about these two all along. It is the bison and eight that i find most creative of all. Notice the pain the logo creator must have taken to create these designs.

  106. Xulfi

    Ants in my eyes Johnson

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