Melted Crayons Art

Melted Crayons Art

Beautiful artworks created by talented American artist Jessie Kerbawy.

Crayons melted using a heat gun form unique and eye-catching art.

Melted Crayon Art

Melted Crayon Painting

Melted Crayons Drawing

Crayons Art

Melted Crayon Art by JKCreate

Melted Crayon Drawing

Melted Crayon Art by Jessie Kerbawy

Melted Crayons

Melted Crayons Art by Jessie Kerbawy

Melted Crayons Painting

Melted Crayons Art by JKCreate

Jessie Kerbawy

Melted Crayon Paintings

Melted Crayon

Crayon Art

Melted Crayons Paintings

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  1. Dave

    I’m generally not a fan of rainbows, but it’s an interesting use of crayons nonetheless. I really like the third photo down; it looks like a turbulent ocean at night.

  2. charu

    WOW! really love them all. :)

  3. Pavel


  4. Gert

    Very cool but a bit repetitive like Jackson Pollock got bored.

    I like them though they are a little under thought. The artist could do so much more with the medium as shows in the third piece.

  5. DesigNoob

    Agreed Gert,

    I was doing this years ago implementing different concepts other than just melting the crayons. I did a dozen of these but this is my favorite :

  6. Mark


  7. jimbo

    Mom used to spank me for melting my Crayons… now it’s art. I must have been ahead of my time. Drat!

  8. Tammy

    I saw this awhile ago. My kids and I have made quite a few, using a blow dryer. It’s really easy and fun!

  9. not bad

    I have a feeling that the pictures might be the real work of art here…

  10. Nisa Zul

    love them!

  11. james

    very cool.

  12. someone

    This is really cool but I have seen stuff just like it everywhere. Although that could just be my region.

  13. nileema

    this is realy cool.

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