10 Cool and Unusual Dresses

10 Cool and Unusual Dresses

Unique and creative dresses that will make anyone stand out from the crowd.

Metal Dress

Stylish dress created from hundreds of small metal pieces.

Metal Dress

Cake Dress

Awesome wedding cake dress created by Lukka Sigurdardottir.

Cake Dress

LED Dress

Light meets fashion in electronic dress designed by Mary Huan.

LED Dress

Skull Dress

Cool dress created by Thom Ravnholdt for a Halloween party.

Skull Dress

Nintendo Game Boy Dress

Creative tube dress is perfect for fans of Nintendo’s Game Boy.

Nintendo Game Boy Dress

Sponge Dress

Weird dress created from regular kitchen sponges by Kate Cusack.

Sponge Dress

Illusion Dress

Unusual dress created by brilliant designers Viktor & Rolf.

Illusion Dress

Balloon Dresses

Cool dresses made from balloons by talented artist named Daisy.

Balloon Dresses

Garbage Bag Dress

Stylish dress created from plastic garbage bags by Jutta Leger.

Garbage Bag Dress

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  1. Taz

    Don’t sit down in that balloon dress.

  2. Julie

    Gameboy dress = next Hallowe’en costume :D

  3. Saaraa

    These are fantastic! I love this site!
    dress out of paper I made in 2007, check it out at

  4. enav

    The designer is stoned… omg

  5. Ingrid-Charlotte

    I WANT ONE!! Good thinking, genius designers :D

  6. Carlos

    Gameboy dress = next Hallowe’en costume :D

  7. Heru

    Is the gameboy touchscreen? I want to touch the screen of that dress *-*..

  8. Emilia

    Does anyone have more information on the cake dress by Lukka Sigurdardottir? Like how it was made, how many ingredients were used… etc..

    Tried googling, but can’t find more info, just the same post reiterated..


  9. envirotex

    You left of the classic hamburger,

  10. Raads

    Illusion Dress is my fav! so clever, but then you would have to take that picure at the exact time, and it wouldnt work 99.9% of the time… but still, very clever idea

    The Garbage Bag Dress is just ironic, like that sayin, ‘she would look stunning even whilst wearin a garbage bag!

  11. ABBY


  12. Jane Tan

    I made these dresses out of garbage bags paper and coca-cola cans. It’s on magazines and newspapers, for an environmental friendly message:


  13. valerie

    stunning! I really loved them! so awesome!! I love the balloon dress and the garbage one too!!

  14. katie

    Wow….fantastic…how genius they are!

  15. melissa

    nitendo game dress next halloween custome

  16. hey

    luv illusion dress

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