World’s Biggest Mouth

Worlds Biggest Mouth

Francisco Domingo Joaquim from Angola has the widest mouth in the world.

The lips and cheeks of this 20 year old were measured, at full stretch, to be 17 cm (6.69 in). Happy Halloween!

Worlds Widest Mouth

Biggest Mouth

Francisco Domingo Joaquim

Worlds Largest Mouth

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  1. fz


  2. Julie

    I clicked this link thinking “This better not be freaky looking”, I’m glad I didn’t team that with an “or else..” because I’d have had to have gone through with the “or else..”

  3. kevin

    oh~~my eyes!!

  4. Gah


  5. L

    This is a dentist and orthodontists dream patient….

  6. James Ward

    He has a nice Tim Burton / Beetlejuice genre look. Happy Halloween!

  7. Nisa Zul

    eeewwww… ugly!

  8. lance

    also, world bukake champion

  9. Muddy

    Amazed !! I thought for sure it would be a Kiwi

  10. Ron

    … :O

    hehe, couldn’t resist.

  11. cycarla

    o.O Maybe he can flip his face inside out if he pulls it a bit more.

  12. Art of Concept

    @L I thought exactly the same…

    May I say with all respect his nose “seems to be” unusually big too?

    Unusual post for Toxel…

  13. antrea

    cannot be unseen . . .

  14. Doink

    I wish i could do that! Imagine going places, you’d be the soul of parties :D

  15. azadeh

    oh my goddddddddddd

  16. Bajo


  17. forumlogic

    wonder what his face looks like “at rest”?

  18. Kirvi_Inci

    This really doesn’t creep me out so much as intrigue me. He just has an excess of collagen in his body, not unlike the Elastic Man. :)

  19. jaqi mugo

    This is great! If I had an ad agency I’d get him for it!

  20. igmorrison

    I’ve worked in advertising for years and can think of AT LEAST 8 people I know that must have bigger mouths than this…

  21. The Hooded claw

    The poor man obviously has a drinking problem…

  22. Aprillian

    They clearly had all there frenums clipped….

  23. pinoygag

    wow but thats not cool

  24. JTKirk


  25. Juliana

    woah now thats what i call a big mouth lol

  26. Bobby

    Yeah! Finally something to be proud of! poor thing!

  27. Jonas

    awesome xD

  28. Reilly

    That is freaking sweet!

  29. Steve

    Why is he not advertising Coca-Cola? That is very impressive in a more than a little bizarre way

  30. ugh


  31. shakylouie

    Oh my, vegetables!

  32. kevin

    this mouth is really terrible,seems as if it was made of rubber!

  33. IE

    I met that guy in a soccer match! It was freaky !

  34. Gracy

    This is true nature, i luv dat big mouth

  35. jack

    If watermelon eating were an Olympic sport, this dude would the Gold in a heartbeat

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