LED Lights for your Mouth

LED Lights for your Mouth

Japanese designers Motoi Ishibashi and Daito Manabe have created an LED device that illuminates your teeth when you smile.

After appearing in a commercial for Laforet Harajuku clothing store, LED smiles are becoming a sought after fashion accessory in Japan.

LED Smiles

LED Smile

LED Teeth

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  1. Bob


  2. Josh3402

    I agree with Bob… also, why are their eyes shut so tightly? it looks like they are blinded by something…

  3. timmay

    looks fun, haha

  4. Captain Anal

    The wire isn’t noticible..


  5. Lulu-Chan


  6. Mapache

    Green tooth. That’s… desirable.

  7. Tara

    use your time wisely man

  8. Leithy_boy

    now all they have to do is drink a glass of water!!! jks jks :)

  9. forumlogic

    The halloween lantern-head look!

  10. pampalas

    why are people acting like we already invented the cure for cancer

  11. Cam


    You guys should always comment together. Too funny. Thanks!!

    (( lol @ The wire isn’t noticible ))

  12. MeerashX

    Because normal teeth aren’t good enough for them ?

  13. AndySixbvb

    These are extremely pointless.

  14. Guitarguy

    theres a secret the inventers arnt letting anyone know, that is the products true purpouse is to reveal permanently cum staind teeth..helps to sort out who you should hit on at the clubs!!!


  15. Van

    Kinda dry article if you dont have the latest flash player

  16. AndySixbvb

    Guitarguy: :L That’s kinda weird.

  17. blurt

    Umm. No.

  18. Pete


  19. Juliee

    these are good but they should be as like braces that light up
    very creative but they should change different colours and the wire shouldnt be there it should be battery powered or be able to charge
    and aslo what if it went a bit haywire and electrocuted your mouth?? (sorry if this is already in the writeing i didnt bother to read i just looked at the pictures) and plue this can be a bit unnatractive but could be good for use as an artistic piece or so..

  20. Raads

    LOL @ pampalas!!! i agree so much! whats there to be so happy about? do you just want to make your teeth more diseased or something?!

  21. Atavistica

    Do they have one in yellow? Or failing that a white one that can be used with yellow teeth?

  22. Geler

    Rammstein did it much better

  23. Doink

    I asked myself the same question as Bob:

    WHY ?

  24. kadal

    just for fun i guess….but that’s gonna be cool if u can light your eyes to…..lol

  25. Julian

    Very Rammstein

  26. Jane

    Safer than mouth glowsticks?

  27. Rocco

    Extraño ¡¡ muy raro

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