Rotary Smartphone Concept

Rotary Smartphone

Steampunk inspired mechanical cell phone designed by Richard Clarkson combines digital technologies with rotary dial system.

Modern phones have come to define us, but who and what defines these objects? Are we happy with generic rectangles with touchscreens or do we want something tangible and unique? With this design, Richard wanted to incorporate more feeling and life into smartphones.

Rotary Mechanical Smartphone

Steampunk Phone

Mechanical Smartphone

Mechanical Phone

Steampunk iPhone

Steampunk Smartphone

Rotary Dial Smartphone

Rotary Phone

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  1. Enkhsaihan

    this looks soo unique
    but i’d rather have my iphone

  2. ifloyd

    It’s awesome, but wouldn’t sell. It’s a brick, and the rest of the phone doesn’t go with the dial.

  3. Elena

    haha… “OLD SCHOOL” looks!!!!
    ol’ skool rocks!!!!!

  4. miggy

    wow very innovative i think this is a smartphone accessories :-)

  5. Paul

    Just a question. Steampunk isn’t real, right? It’s just a term that relates to this style/fashion… so isn’t anything that looks and portends to be ‘steampunk’… actually steampunk? How can it be ‘steampunk inspired’? Can someone show me the history wing where all the steampunk exhibits are?

  6. Larna


    I think steampunk is real…word

  7. Pete


    Get up on the wrong side of the internet this morning?

  8. cerulean


    Here’s the wikipedia wing:

    Also of note: “From October 2009 through February 2010, the Museum of the History of Science, Oxford hosted the first major exhibition of Steampunk art objects, curated by Art Donovan and presented by Dr. Jim Bennett, museum director.[46] From redesigned practical items to fantastical contraptions, this exhibition showcased the work of eighteen Steampunk artists from across the globe. The exhibition proved to be the most successful in the museum’s history and attracted more than eighty thousand visitors.[47]”

    so yeah, it’s real.

  9. flatsolid

    “Granny, it seems that an an alien technology from outer space has colonized my phone’s belly. Is it going to erupt or what?”

  10. jimmylee

    the concept is great, the photos are amazing. like it

  11. trolololol

    my only question is, is it actually a smartphone? also, it would sell. my mom would buy one. lol. but it looks awesome!

  12. Mark

    This is great! Love it!
    Where can i get one?

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