Instagram Cake

Instagram Cake

Delicious cake made by Ann Reardon looks like the famous Instagram logo.

Instagram Logo Cake was created out of multiple layers of colored jello and chocolate mousse. It was then covered with chocolate glaze.

Follow the instructions in the video and make your own Instagram cake.

Ann Reardon

Instagram Birthday Cake

Instagram Logo Cake

Instagram Cake by Ann Reardon

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  1. Mapache

    Ain’t nobody have time fo’ that.

  2. Divinity C

    Wow love this . Yes I admit with the previous commentor that it is alot of work but I know a friend of mine would love a challenge. Will definitely post this on her FB wall as an inspiration.

  3. latincrow81

    i agree with divinity i also have a crazy baker friend who’ll love this

  4. Gert

    You would have to be REALLY into Instagram yah know?

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