The Dipr Cookie Spoon

The Dipr Cookie Spoon

Bobby and Julie Haleluk have designed a spoon that holds your cookie while you dip it in milk.

The Dipr allows you to have a germ-free dunking experience since your fingers do not have to touch the liquid anymore.

This useful invention was successfully funded through Kickstarter, so expect to see the Dipr at your local store in the near future. [order]

Dipr Cookie Spoon

Cookie Spoon

Ultimate Cookie Spoon

Dipr Spoon

The Dipr Spoon

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  1. gord286

    the spelling makes me want to pronounce it like “DIE-per”

    but it’s a good idea!

  2. Moist Popcorn

    Waste of money. Just use your hands.

  3. Rebekah

    Germs! Omg germs!! People, there are kids in India who walk through garbage dumps for food. Pick up the f’in cookie.


    kids will enjoy hooking their gag reflexes with this “spoon”

  5. Pleased2cu

    Looks like it works only with sandwich cookies – what if you want to dip a chocolate chip cookie?

  6. gunneos


  7. parm

    well done gunneos! haha

  8. Shirley

    So… you want us to go to the kitchen, grab the Dipr from a drawer, use it a couple of times, wash it, then put it back?
    As opposed to what? Taking a cookie from the container and dunking it in milk with your hands?
    Why don’t you tell someone to design a contraption that will catapult the cookie into your mouth? Call it the Tosr.

  9. Sean

    Sheesh, alot of people are really negative here. At least be constructive with your criticism.

    I think this was a fun, clever little idea. The most practical thing on the face of the Earth? No. But people will probably buy it. And in the end, that’s all that really matters for the inventor.

  10. zunny

    Fun , clever maybe…… but solving a problem that really did not exist except for the most hygienically anal people.
    They missed the ritual, therapeutic aspect of this.
    Can’t these designers put their heads into something that
    is of real benefit?

  11. Blurp*


    Tie a string on both ends you get hippo dental floss.

  12. Mapache

    Now make them out of recycled plastic and make em even more pointless. I mean, is not like plastic was a renewable resource.

    People will thorw this once they find out they don’t need this. So is like industrial producction of garbage itself.

  13. Mapache


    Your fingers got to much ferms to touch the milk…



  14. Becky

    @Mapache – I was thinking exactly the same.

    In addition; you could just use a fork – same effect and one has one handy and at home.

  15. ThePandjoel

    creative, but i prefer use my own hand,

  16. Rose

    But you have to pick up the cookie to put it on the dipr!

    Most redundant invention ever?

  17. Wendy Merron

    While this is a clever little tool, I hope their next invention has more mass appeal.
    If their target market is individuals who are worried about germs, then they have a tough road ahead in terms of numbers of sales.

    Is their target market moms who want to keep their kids hands out of the milk? What would a ficus group of moms say? Most likely that it’s not worth the effort to take this out of the drawer, give it to their child, then clean it and put it away.

    It’s a creative idea though, and a great learning experience. The next one will be even better after they do their due diligence with their target market.

    IDEA: sell it to Nabisco so they can include it FREE in their Oreo package.

  18. enav

    wTf ????????

  19. gunneos

    “Why don’t you tell someone to design a contraption that will catapult the cookie into your mouth? Call it the Tosr.”


    Also Becky, wouldn’t a fork through something as hard as a biscuit just make it crumble to pieces?

  20. Becky

    @gunneos – same way one couldn’t use the dipr with any other cookie. Its only designed for cookies with a soft middle, the dipr is unable to hold an average cookie. So yes for this particular design, a fork does exactly the same. (dont pierce it through the cookie, but between the two layers – the soft part.)

  21. K3i

    Should be free in the bag.

  22. Pete

    Also, this will only work with cheap cookies where the filling doesn’t extend to the edge of the cookie.

    You’ll also have to handle the cookie more just to get it on the hook and stable.

    Cute idea, but I don’t think it was thought through well.

    Oh, and wash your hands if you’re worried about germs. :)

  23. gnarfi

    im from germany

    what are these light colored oreos?

  24. Lukerville

    I love the idea……….. His girlfriend is sooo hot.

  25. Midet

    I think they are round custard creams.
    Personally I think this is a bit silly. I don’t tend to have the problem of dropping my cookie into the milk – ah, and what if one side of the cookie falls off? Then it won’t work. Tut tut, people should think about these eventualities.

  26. Dee

    Sandwich cookie companies could add them for free with cookie package. But I would never buy this separately.

  27. Gert

    *eyeroll* so much has already been said but I’ll repeat… if you washed your hands like you should have germs should not be the problem yes?

  28. Zoolo

    wow…so many comments… well i think the product its really promising if u ppl talk about it so intense :) … i dont find it practicle … but maybe some ppl do … i like germs :D they are happy

  29. Sophie

    Doesn’t the dipr have germs on it?

  30. fbomb

    this is why i have lost faith in designers/mankind

  31. Kirvi_Inci

    I think people are maybe not seeing this as I do. I see it as a way to make sure that when you dunk the cookie, a huge part doesn’t fall off because you are “pinching” the two softer sides of the Oreo after it has sat in the milk for a few moments. I mean if you think about it, after the cookie has set in the milk the hardest part ends up being the middle, and is therefore the reason why they would make a spoon like this. It makes it easier to get the whole cookie as opposed to bits and pieces.

  32. Georgie

    Are oreos the only kinda cookies in america?? Consumerism, go figure

  33. Don

    Its fun, but I use my hands for that;

  34. Wendy

    Great idea. Almost $4 billion of Oreos were sold in 2004.

    IDEA: Sell your idea to Nabisco and they can include it in with their cookies.

  35. David

    I’ll buy it. My worst fear is losing a cookie in the milk because it got too soggy. This will prevent that from happening.

  36. Jami

    While the whole “it’s less germy!” thing is ridiculous, I really want to buy this thing just because it means I won’t have to stick my fingers in cold milk and keep them there just to have it absorb a little of the milk. I hate getting the milk and little oreo crumbly pieces on my fingers. Also, like David said, it cuts down on the cookie crumbling while it’s in the milk so no more worrying it’ll get lost in the glass!

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