Restaurant on a Rock

Restaurant on a Rock

Amazing seafood restaurant is located on a rock near the Michanwi Pingwe beach in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Customers of the Rock Restaurant are able to eat delicious food on the terrace and enjoy beautiful views of the Indian Ocean.

The Rock Restaurant

Rock Terrace

Restaurant Interior




Rock Restaurant

Rock Restaurant Zanzibar

Ocean Restaurant

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  1. KraZy

    wonder how much that costs

  2. -_-


  3. Darrell

    Welcome to the world of the Plastic Beach

  4. MMM

    Nice. it looks like you can walk out to it.

  5. Nisa Zul

    awesomely nice!

  6. Nicolaj

    Wow! What a fantastic location.

  7. Christian

    no way

  8. Libeerian

    Gives a whole new meaning to “Rock Lobster.”

    (That was too easy.)

  9. Betty

    Very Cool–I’d go!

  10. Sharyn

    Looks lovely! I’d eat there in a second, the menu sounds lovely and the view is spectacular.

  11. Tom

    Wow cool! It looks very exclusive and awesome

  12. Rob

    been there, its really small though and you have to basically reserve the whole “rock” a month in advance. the food is out of this world really, the lobster is caught live “from the ocean” right after you order it. you can sit on the balcony and watch the diver go find and catch whatever food you want from the sea.

  13. ccc

    Wow, Rob that’s amazing. How much does it cost??

  14. Rob

    its really not that expensive, i paid about 1k to reserve the place for the night. i just spoke with a buddy of mine that returned from vacation in that part of the world. he told me that you can reserve just a table instead of the whole place now. (maybe they expanded the place somehow?) he said that they have about 15 tables. it is one of the most romantic places in the world though (especially if you don’t have to share with strangers). i would highly recomend reserving the whole place for a honeymoon or a special night.

  15. Emilia

    Oh my god thanks so much for posting this. I happen to be going to Zanzibar in three weeks, and i am definitely booking a table!

  16. Casper

    Very, very beautiful! So amazing. I love it!

  17. Andres Iriarte

    Awesome, but i bet that some people like better the mall, well good for them, i will love to clean tables there…

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