Stylish and Creative Leggings

Stylish and Creative Leggings

Collection of the most unusual and creative leggings that will keep your legs warm and get you noticed.

American Flag Leggings

Patriotic leggings made from recycled plastic and organic cotton.

American Flag Leggings

Zipper Leggings

Come with four zippers at the top and two on each side of each leg.

Zipper Leggings

Triangle Leggings

Snake inspired leggings by Amsterdam designer Camille Cortet.

Triangle Leggings

Denim Leggings

Paige denim leggings are designed to fit and flatter every body type while providing maximum comfort.

Denim Leggings

Bones Leggings

Clever leggings with leg bones print are perfect for Halloween.

Bones Leggings

Lightning Leggings

Lightning Leggings

Map Leggings

These unusual leggings come with a map printed on them.

Map Leggings

Gold Leggings

Extremely shiny leggings designed for women that love gold.

Gold Leggings

Newspaper Leggings

Unique leggings with newspaper print designed by James Lillis.

Newspaper Leggings

Helvetica Leggings

Stylish leggings inspired by a widely used sans-serif typeface.

Helvetica Leggings

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  1. Junnie

    Newspaper leggings ftw.

  2. Sean

    All of these were a little weird to me, but a few really got to me.

    Denim Leggings – umm.. are those just jeans?

    Map Leggings – okay seriously what the hell? hahaha

  3. L Bell

    Umm… I want FONT hehehe

  4. Dean

    @Sean – Denim Leggings, I believe are called “Jeggings” ( and yes, map leggings? wtf? I can imagine men using that as an excuse for staring at a women legs, “I was just looking for Main Street! I swear!!”

  5. Alysha

    i like the newspaper ones the best, then helvetica, and then the jean ones.

  6. @sean

    No the denim ones are the actual product, they just look like denim jeans.

  7. Art of Concept

    …dragqueen’s clothing right? :D

  8. Ron

    not surprisingly, couture designers are also coming up with very interesting leggings. Alexander McQueen’s Spring 2010 and Fall 2011 leggings were really crazy, but crazy pretty! :D

  9. nina

    the triangle leggings look like the foam mesh wrap that pears come in!

  10. altissima

    Please inform your readers that (despite your misleading photos) LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS!!
    and should only be worn under long top or skirt/dress.

  11. Juliee

    i think these are more of art than fashion but these are pretty cool tho

    you make an exelent point :)

  12. okaliedokalie

    Can’t wait to wear these with my new Teva high heels. ;)

  13. Geerah

    YAY! More fashion updates!!!

  14. mari

    zippers, jeans and newspaper leggings are sold here. and a lot of girls use them as pants

    I’d like a pair of skeleton leggings :)

  15. rodiansinger

    altissima, THANK YOU. This is a fact that cannot be stressed enough.

    BTW: love the metallic leggings.

  16. Arrrggghhh

    Even people who are in great shape look terrible in these pants. This fashion tread should quickly die.

  17. Ayoally

    Lightning ones. FTW

  18. Nick Diamond

    im feelin the map ones im a guy but i would tottaly rock those suspenders she has on where can i get some like that?

  19. Midet


    Well that’s the point.. they’re not ‘pants’ they are pretty much like tights.. you’re supposed to wear long shirts over them or dresses and stuff. I so hate it when people wear them like trousers.

  20. Pam Nanet

    These are very clever and they would all look good if you knew how to dress them up well! Helvetica to me seems a little over done. Just because if you are a designer, you wouldn’t even wear it because of how the placement of Helvetica is placed. BAD design use of Helvetica… lol But if it was good design… thats another story

  21. IMD

    You guys commenting against these are strange.

    On some women these look excellent & as the denim ones imply, can be worn as trousers. My lady’s arse would look fantastic in a pair of them.

  22. Koi Koi

    Not somewhat creative but yes very stylish!

  23. jaqi mugo

    Fashion hurrah!
    Black Milk!

    Love the top that’s with the lightning, too.

  24. wtyang24

    i dont want lightnings around my crotch

  25. mrgaga85

    I bought for myself a pair of those newspaper leggings…they are just so stylish <3

  26. rico

    ugh….hide ur butt lady.
    ……omg goshness

  27. Leia

    The jeans leggings are one of the fashions right now: there cold jeggings and they may look like jeans but there soft and expendable like leggings

  28. Leslie

    How much are the newspaper print leggings? I can’t find the price.

  29. Quette

    Denim leggings and jeggings are two different things. Jeggings are more similar to stretchy pants and have pockets. Denim leggings are just leggings that look like denim. Newspaper, lightning, maps, and bones catch my intrest. The denim, gold and the zipper are gettin old. I see those mostly.

  30. Ann

    The helvetica ones are bloody ugly. Everything else is super cute!

  31. Naye

    I absolutely luv luv luv the lightning leggings!

  32. Badbarbie

    w0w i really like the lightning leggings no one thought to talk about those and i dont like the american flag ones they look boojee to me

  33. HannahJet

    love the map,newspaper,denim,and lighting ones!

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