Pac-Man Swimsuit

Pac-Man Swimsuit

James Lillis, the designer of Star Wars Swimsuits, is back with a Pac-Man inspired one-piece swimsuit.

Priced at $90, unique swimsuit is available at Black Milk Clothing store.

Pac-Man Inspired Swimsuit

Pacman Swimsuit

Pac Man Swimsuit

For more inspiration, check out: 15 Cool Designs Inspired by Pac-Man

  1. Kid

    I approve.

  2. woops

    Does anyone else see more than what they see?

  3. wer

    Wooops: no, only when you completed level 1

  4. Me

    Wakka wakka wakka indeed..!

  5. Libeerian

    Wait…there’s a swimsuit in those pics?????

  6. woops

    I think I can see her Pacwoman…

  7. Ninja Egg :D


  8. J

    Where is the entry of the next stage?

  9. Xurmat

    wow my favorite game

  10. Modhawk

    Done, I’m buying one for my wife.

  11. Helena

    Cute! Reminds me on childhood. :-) Great idea!

  12. obvious questin

    um… why is she wearing a swim suit with boots?

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