Artist Draws from Memory

Artist Draws from Memory

British artist Stephen Wiltshire creates detailed panoramic drawings of city skylines and beautiful landscapes using only his memory as a reference.

New York, Tokyo, London, and other cities drawn entirely from memory.

Stephen was diagnosed with autism at an early age. Talented artist can quickly memorize detailed cityscapes and then draw them later.


Stephen Wiltshire Draws from Memory

Autistic Artist Draws from Memory

Draw from Memory


Memory Drawings by Stephen Wiltshire


Globe of Imagination

Draw New York from Memory

Stephen Wiltshire Drawing


Monte Carlo

Memory Drawings

New York

Artist Stephen Wiltshire

Drawing from Memory

Autistic Artist Stephen Wiltshire

Stephen Wiltshire

Stephen Wiltshire

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  1. Joe

    Saw this guy on a program about savants a while back. My mind is still boggled now. What an incredible brain.

  2. Dominic

    Truly inspirational…

  3. Jimbo

    this guy is amazing.

  4. Chari

    Beautiful work! This is such a gift, I’m glad he’s out there making work with it!

  5. kadal


  6. jake

    I think he was on top gear

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