Muscle Leggings

Muscle Leggings

Creative leggings designed by James Lillis for the fans of human anatomy.

Eye-catching “meaty” leggings are available at Black Milk Clothing store.

BlackMilk Leggings

Meat Leggings

Black Milk Leggings

Muscles Leggings

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  1. Nora

    The people that are choosing these are just trolling us now… this is weird stuff.

  2. Julie

    They’d be good for a Hallowe’en costume…

  3. DJ Finn

    a woman could never tell me “im not a piece of meat” wearing these…

  4. Li-Or

    lol @ DJ Finn!

    Yeh, not for everyday wear! But this would make a good classroom aid for biology / anatomy classes!

  5. chelsea_fc

    I’m sorry, but these are hideous. Please don’t let these become fashionable :/

  6. Mon Sun

    While I agree with some of the comments here, I must admit this would be an awesome compliment to a student who is learning about muscles. It might be an awesome learning aid. Thoughts?

  7. Doc

    @ Li-Or and Mon Sun,

    While it may be a good teaching aid, it may be hard to use it in group studies as the poor girl who would wear it would be constantly poked as students tick of muscles and tendon attachments. Would be fun thou… Anatomy class…Good times.

  8. Douglas

    Go check the hundreds he has at Black Milk Clothing. Interesting.

  9. Amy

    I usually hate leggings, but would probably renounce my hatred for it if i had a pair of these. very funky!

  10. Gert

    I would SO wear these! In public! Just for the reactions. :D

  11. Taylor

    As a medical student, I think these are amazing! Perfect for the spontaneous game of “Name that Muscle” All that’s needed now is the top half.

  12. Zuri

    I would so wear these! Nobody can deny I have muscles now

  13. Tea

    These are awsome… my next treat to myself will be these awsome pants… Ill be sporting these babies at the gym!

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