Amazing X-Ray Photography

Amazing X-Ray Photography

British photographer Nick Veasey creates beautiful art by scanning different objects with powerful X-ray machines.

In a security-obsessed world, the artist uses sophisticated technology to discover inner beauty rather than concealed dangers.


Winter Jacket








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  1. dominik224

    great pics! love it

  2. jumanicus

    I think this is pretty cool, but it would be perfect looking at it in on a big HD projection screen

  3. Pete

    Neat to look at, but a few years from now, he gets to do an exhibition on cancer too. Yay!

    His website shows a fair number of people and animals.

    I like most art, but seems that recreational use of “powerful X-ray” machines is just asking for trouble. He built a lead-lined concrete bunker for the equipment, as he knows how dangerous it is.

  4. Rob

    It amazes me how many people don’t follow the links before they comment. The people and animals in the x-rays are all dead. All of the people in the bus are the same dead person.

    Amazing work!

  5. Lee

    I think it’s dead cool……


    Cool but you should see the x-ray of my plated leg!!

  7. pete

    very inspiring.
    very cool
    i love it

  8. ran


  9. AndMerson

    This is a terrific post! The bus photo is my particular favorite. And the video is from TED. They always have such interesting speakers.


  10. Betty

    Very Cool….I’d love to see more– it’s fascinating.

  11. Pepsi


  12. Pete


    I visited the site and read just about everything before posting here. I saw nothing about anyone being dead.

    The artist statement popup was 404, was it in there?

  13. Zane


    I’m not sure if he mentions it in the artist statement, but he talks about using skeletons, etc. in the youtube video in the article.

  14. jaqi mugo

    These are like radiography photos but then inverted.

  15. Nick

    how do people take those kinda photos? and how they edit them??

  16. Frank

    @ Nick

    With a special X-ray camera. Those things are really expensive. You have to edit them with the software that comes with it.

  17. Igor

    Very cool!

  18. rainbowma

    great !

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