Paint Dropped into Water

Paint Dropped into Water

London based photographer Mark Mawson drops paint into clear water and captures beautiful photos using high speed cameras.

Different kinds of paint form unique shapes that resemble flowers, clouds, mushrooms, and jellyfish. Each full of vibrant colors.

Paint in Water

Mark Mawson

Paint Dropped in Water

Underwater Paint

Paint into Water

Paint and Water

Beautiful Paint

Water Paint


Painting in Water


Paint by Mark Mawson

Aqueous by Mark Mawson

Paint Art

Aqueous Fluoreau

Paint Photography

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  1. seee

    so cool

  2. cole

    those are incredible

  3. charu


  4. Pavel

    very nice

  5. J

    so cool

  6. Erin

    love it

  7. Lan

    Magnificent fireworks display for paint artists! (“,)

  8. Mark

    Amazing! I just checked out his website, a lot of really cool stuff!

  9. Karen

    Dude, this is awesome! It’s actually so beautiful to look at. I love how fluids move together.

  10. Cheryl


  11. Lol

    This is one of the reasons I come here everyday it manages to put a smile on my face.

  12. aokiharu


  13. Isidro Andrade

    Importantísimo, bellísimo para dar curso a la imaginación y dar un sentido a las diferentes manifestaciones del arte en estos trabajos, realmente es algo asombroso mirar y mucho más imaginar para crear esos trabajos.

  14. woops

    so cool

  15. Saadieq


  16. Leksi

    love it!

  17. Black Lotus

    So awesome and beautiful!! :)

  18. Felipe


  19. nima

    really awsome!!

  20. brett


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