Food Carving

Food Carving

Patterns and designs carved into food will get your creative juices flowing.

Fruit and vegetable carvings by talented Italian artist Daniele Barresi.

Avocado Carving

Daniele Barresi Avocado Carving

Daniele Barresi Avocado

Pumpkin Carving

Daniele Barresi

Broccoli Carving

Broccoli Carving

Watermelon Carving

Daniele Barresi Carving

Sweet Potato Carving

Artist Daniele Barresi

Pear Carving

Food Carver Daniele Barresi

Daniele Barresi Food Carving

Pear Carving

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  1. John

    (What, no pumpkin carving?)

  2. Susie Ngamsuwan

    This is absolutely out of this world. Intricate carving and beautiful design.

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