Rain Shield

Rain Shield

Innovative umbrella designed by Lin Min-Wei and Liu Li-Hsiang will shield and protect you from the rain.

Shield umbrella features aerodynamic design that can handle strong wind.

When not in use, Rain Shield collapses and folds into a small flat disc.

Foldable Umbrella

Folding Umbrella

Shield Inspired Umbrella

Shield Umbrella

Rain Shield Umbrella

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  1. Me

    Good for walking in the rain with high winds.

  2. alex

    prototype 2 shield!!..hehe

  3. Bojan Landekić

    I love the small form factor when it’s folded, I also love what it looks like, but there seems to be a flaw. It only covers one shoulder for when rain is pouring from above! It doesn’t cover both shoulders… :( WTF???

  4. Max

    I’m not convinced about the umbrella, when it storms there are much better things to use or wear to prevent from getting blasted by rain. However, I do love the umbrella does not have points on the ends. There have been times I got stabbed in the eye or scratched in the face by ladies carelessly swinging around her steel point umbrella.

  5. beruz

    it seems not be perfect practically in a wind. maybe we need continuously see that side come wind; and it perchance dangerous to us, espicially in a traffic place!

  6. smith

    beruz is right. they should of replaced the side block with a transparent material.

  7. Tima

    I love the way it folds

  8. Monkey

    I wonder why they did not try throwing the water at him in the video, maybe ’cause he ended up all wet like it obviously seems in the picture.

  9. Frederick

    Perfect for water fights. Whip this out, and you’re invincible.

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