Cooking Book Without Instructions

Cooking Book Without Instructions

Homemade is Best cookbook from IKEA features beautifully photographed ingredients without the food preparation instructions.

Visual recipes are presented on a warm and colorful stage, and when you turn the page, you get to see delicious looking results.

Cinnamon Buns


Cinnamon Buns

Swedish National Pastries


Swedish National Pastries

Princess Cake

Unique Cooking Book

Princess Cake

Vanilla Horns

Unique Baking Book

Vanilla Horns

Semlor Buns

Creative Cookbook

Semlor Buns

Chocolate Treats

IKEA Cooking Book

Chocolate Treats

Summer Cake with Berries

Creative Cooking Book

Summer Cake with Berries

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  1. Zerian

    I like it :D

  2. James Ward

    I guess I was expecting the Kama Sutra for food…

  3. Becca

    But how do you know how to put the stuff together…? :( Those look really good. Ikea is boss.

  4. NiSa ZuL

    looks great :) & easy… huhuh

  5. Mapache

    WOW Now that’s what I was talkin about!

    Looks like a simple idea: easy to came out with and easy to execute. But it is not a simple idea at all.

  6. jesse

    not very useful as a cookbook, but as art, it’s compelling and beautiful!

  7. JTKirk

    compelling and beautiful? are you kidding?

  8. Rose

    Amazing x

  9. Pete

    awesome, useless but awesome

  10. Raads

    @ JTkirk, bizarrley, i dont think she was.. XD
    its a cool idea, but before reading the comments above,i thought it was absolutly not compelling and beautiful, but now i have changed my mind. its a fantastic idea, super for illiterate people. the only thing missing from it is the instuctions. if they had done that aswell, it would have been radical.

  11. attila

    not useful, so what are that white powders there??
    what is that sleek sheets there???
    very unclear ,unless there were some glossaries.

  12. shaparak

    oh, very beautiful
    They make me hungry

  13. enav

    is a cute idea

  14. JZ

    I think these are amazing. The ingredients are shot in a way more interesting way than the completed recipes, though.

  15. inan

    absolutely agree with attila, how do you know what those small white stuffs are?

  16. Pluto Nash

    Bad idea. People will get frustrated and throw their colorful ingredients everywhere and start crying. Pictures are not a man’s best friend.

  17. G Loaf


  18. Kirvi_Inci

    I like it solely for the photography in it. It would be useless as an actual cookbook. My guess is that it was not really meant to be used as one anyway so much as to show you how much of everything goes into making those tasty looking treats.

  19. Matt

    @Becca I think that’s the issue with everything from IKEA :P

  20. Bajo

    It confuses me and needed to guess what is that white powder

  21. k

    I don’t think it was meant to be used as a normal cookbook, I just love the idea & photography.

  22. Gert

    I think this would work better as pictures to hang in one’s kitchen as it’s not at all useful to any cook I know.

    Baking is too much science to not know how much of what to use.

  23. Tenebre

    As usual, there is a screw or two missing and I’ve also manage to misplace the little allen wrench.

    As a cook book, this is a failure but since it’s good looking and cool I’m absolutely getting a copy.

  24. Doink


  25. georgia

    that is soooo awesome!

  26. Carrie

    I wish each item was at least labeled.

  27. ChEeSe

    this is for the people how really hate to read!!

  28. ALP

    Funny but honefully only used to look at – and not to cook from!

  29. kas

    a photo album ok but not a cooking book, I wonder how to guess the amount of flour for example from the picture ?

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