3D Street Art

3D Street Art

German artist Manfred Stader creates amazing three-dimensional paintings.

3D illusion can be seen when the art is viewed from a particular angle.

3D Street Painting

Street Art

Manfred Stader 3D Art


3D Painting

Surfing Street Art

Garage Street Art

Beach Street Art


Car Street Art

3D Art



3D Piano

Manfred Stader Paintings

BMW Street Art


3D Shark

Manfred Stader

Amazing Street Art

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  1. Ninja Egg :D

    Wow! I’ve seen this stuff before. And every time i see it i am truly amazed. This is really beautiful and great artwork.

  2. Katie

    I love these! It makes me happy that they are paint instead of chalk, too. The escalator, nail bed, and waterfall are my favorites.

  3. Swaetha

    omg these llook so real

  4. Josh

    I can never get over how great 3D street art is :D


    these things never look that it is painted,it looks real
    my brother was saying ‘it cant’ be real’.

  6. Kerry

    I love this kind of art!!! So confusing XD

  7. Alma,

    What a creative art.

  8. Mia

    I like the teacup one and the waterfall one.

    The teacup can have creative designs, as shown (The guy thats putting the stuff on it).

    The waterfall, well, it’s so cool and peaceful. I would stand by it all my life it I could. So beautiful.

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