Humans are Among Us

Humans are Among Us

Clever advertising campaign made by Saatchi&Saatchi for Sci Fi Channel.

Humans are Among Us Sci Fi Ad Campaign 2

Humans are Among Us Sci Fi Ad Campaign 3

Humans are Among Us Sci Fi Ad Campaign 4

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  1. Paul Sample

    hahahaha it is hilarious, Saatchi&Saatchi are my idols they design really creative stuff

  2. Jorge

    Very very clever!

  3. Beezy

    these are great!

    Saatchi & Saatchi is amazing.

  4. EndeR

    Kudos to you, guys! This is “out of this world” ;)

    simple and effective.

  5. Kenn Munk

    Clever and good illustrations – would have been great if the type treatment had also been retro-fied.

  6. Ali

    I dont like them .

  7. Aleks Roko

    Well executed and clever imagery!

    In terms of getting people to watch the channel though..? Not so sure.

    Although very aesthetically pleasing.

  8. Dusti Lewars

    Can anyone tell me if these posters are available for purchase..?

  9. lackar

    Great idea!

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