Amazing Photos of Human Eyes

Amazing Photos of Human Eyes

Incredible photo series by Suren Manvelyan features extremely detailed close-ups of human eyes.

“Every day we see hundreds of eyes but do not even suspect they have such beautiful structure, like surfaces of unknown planets.”


Macro Human Eye

Macro Eye Photo


Eye Photography

Human Eye Closeup

Macro Eyeball

Eye Closeup

Macro Eye

For more inspiration, check out: Close Up Photos of Animals

  1. bananaz

    well, they look a little bit gross, but beautiful nevertheless.

  2. 3mily

    Absolutely breathtaking.

  3. Machine

    Bäh! I would never want one of these!

  4. Van

    sweet jesus, that is one of the coolest things ive seen on toxel yet

  5. Tom Tom

    Yeah, I really like macrophotography.

    But these kinda weird me out.

  6. Kenn

    This is kinda like iridology right?

  7. Aris

    Beauty in the eye of the beholder. LOL!

  8. Drea

    Trypophobics shouldn’t look at this.
    As cool as it is, it made me cringe.

  9. Ali G

    Great , Just think about the god power who make and design these amazing things .

  10. Blaino

    simply amazing

  11. Karen

    this really… i used to think the eye was a beautiful body part, now, it really just looks like a slice of our brains.

  12. Betty

    Very cool. I love getting a behind-the-scene view of anatomy. I just wish the parts were labeled so I knew exactly what I’m looking at. Rods and cones? what’s the fly-eye looking bit?-is that part of the camera or the eye? Why are some parts golden looking? Does that person have golden eyes?

  13. Simon

    Wow, absolutely amazing. “Eye” would love to give this a go!

  14. john

    beautiful body part, wow……..amazing

  15. graftik

    Praise God the Creator!

  16. Emma

    That’s amazing but it also makes me want to vomit for some reason

  17. Asma A N

    ♥ Wonderful.. this shows the greatness of God’s creation

  18. JTKirk

    Machine… you’re saying you’d never want eyes?

  19. jargen

    Now show us the Sharingan!

  20. Me

    Gorgeous. Something about looking into someone’s eyes gives such a sense of connectedness and understanding. Beautiful photos of some remarkable eyes. Thank you. :-)

  21. MrFristi

    So which one’s Saruman’s?

  22. Anna

    i never knew how gross the eye looked up close……intil now

  23. javad

    my “GOD”

  24. Mihir Panchal

    Beautiful!!.. These are path breaking!!

  25. Raymond

    but in some of the pics the honeycomb grid is a little disturbing

  26. Tara

    They just don’t seem real.

    Aren’t they done by photoshop?

  27. Pepsi

    One of the more int interesting things I have seen today. Wish Toxel did more posts like this now and then.

  28. Gert

    Why do some people just automatically assume everything is photoshopped?

    Fascinating close ups.

  29. Sania Aslam

    oh my God so scary :O

  30. Anusuya

    Sweet Jesus! How did they take these photos???!!

  31. Kei

    First reaction was to cringe. While I love other people’s eyes, suddenly seeing them this way throws a person off.

    But then the point that these are beautiful surfaces.
    The human body is so breathtaking in how it looks and works sometimes. c:

  32. MB

    …… somewhat scary.

  33. Machine

    JTKirk… sorry, sarcasm :D

  34. Cherry Blossom

    People really?, ”god did it” it never really surprises how dumb people can be!

  35. Anna

    The blue/green eyes are BEAUTIFUL! But all the brown eyed ones are absolutely… Wretched. Which makes me sad, because I have brown eyes :(

  36. Art of Concept

    Nature’s unique art at its best!! Love them!

  37. Mo

    Seeing these makes me want a picture like this of my eyes. I’d love to compare my eyes to these others.

  38. Koi Koi

    Gross actually.

  39. Lau

    definetely now i see the eyes in another way

  40. cchana

    so delicate.

  41. LaurentB

    Freaky and fascinating !

  42. Becca

    they are like the elements earth wind water and fire!

  43. Hannah

    Wow! I never thought a human body part could look so beautiful. This amazing, and they do kind of look like planets :)

  44. Ed

    Wow…these are great…! I have been experimenting with my eye and a macro setup…also done some HDR effect with them! Check them out if you got time..

  45. Jaqi mugo

    Wow, how sophisticated God’s design is. Glory to the Most High!

  46. ivy

    it makes you think there is an entire world inside each of them.

  47. VinceVega

    Gorgeous. One reminded me of crater lake.

  48. G-Rock

    That just blew me mind!

  49. bert

    scary but really breathtaking

  50. Cameron O. Johnson

    Beautiful, ghastly, awesome, and the product of 1/4 of a lifetime of passion. This is some amazing work, and it probably started on a lark.

    I see you seeing me. ; )

  51. hooman

    wow . . . !
    very very very beautiful

  52. Art

    I wonder if this is something an optometrist might see every time they take an ‘Optomap’ of one’s eye…strikingly beautiful.

  53. ian fr

    Truly a door between two universes

  54. shamini

    Unbelievable… they are really nice.

  55. angel

    creepy just plain creepy

  56. Miri

    are just amazingly breathtakingly photos!… that just can’t be real!

  57. Elise

    made me want to barf a bit.

  58. EM


  59. Katie

    These are amazing! The brown eyes look like a desert canyon or something! The eye is such an amazing organ! Thats why I do what I do!

  60. karen

    I would love to see a greater variety of color – like some really blue and its variations as well as really green ones…..would guess they might be even more breathtaking…..

  61. poo

    i never would have thought our eyes looked like this up close its insane

  62. Hunt

    So cool!!! Loved it so much, thanks for sharing

  63. Kriz

    DAMN! That is insane :O

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