Doritos Packaging Concept

Doritos Packaging Concept

Innovative packaging concept designed by Petar Pavlov for Doritos chips.

Triangular structure allows you to close the bag and keep your chips fresh.

Doritos Packaging


Doritos Packaging Design

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  1. dude

    triangles = awesomeness

  2. jumanicus

    cant wait to get finger lickin’

  3. girl

    I love it.

  4. gnarf

    nacho nacho man
    i got to be the nacho man

  5. Betty

    Very nice!

  6. Lilly

    Unique, but the design is too minimalst for Doritos who prefers bold packaging and flavors. Besides art shouldn’t be to contain unhealthy junk food.

  7. Danyell

    That’s pretty awesome. Make it out of post consumer materials and you win.

  8. Van

    although i love the idea, i do not see doritos going for something like this.

  9. GeebsRilie

    Honestly if they can make reusing recycling to their benefit it’ll help with our trash problem. Plus its a cool design, and it’ll stand out cause no other brand really has done the minimalist look.

  10. Kei

    I’m not a huge fan of Doritos, but if this was made out of post consumer materials, I’d be way more willing to pick up a bag(?).

  11. MrFat

    I love the concept. just wondering.. why the need of resealing the pack? do people not eat their doritos in one seating or put in a bowl to share to others?

  12. Omega

    Anybody else get a nostalgic longing for Doritos 3D?

  13. Art of Concept

    Awesome conceptual work! Love doritos :D

  14. bert

    love this design!
    the best thing is this design prevent the chips from damage

  15. bert


  16. ollie

    The thing that kinda makes me think this won’t fly with Doritos is that they won’t be able to pack as many packages together like they would with bags. Look how much space those things take up when they are on the shelf. I do, however, think it’s a pretty cool look.

  17. q-bert


  18. Koi Koi

    Pretty cool!

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