Animal Selfies

Animal Selfies

Just like humans, cute animals love to take selfie photos of themselves and share them on Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram.

Animal self-portraits taken through mirrors in bathrooms and elevators.

Creative advertising campaign for National Geographic and Diomedia.

Monkey Selfie

National Geographic Selfie

Gorilla Selfie

There are lots of terrible animal pictures out there

National Geographic

Koala Selfie

Animal Selfie

Bear Selfie

Bear Selfie


Squirrel Selfie

National Geographic Selfies

Kangaroo Selfie


Panda Selfie

Panda Selfie

Zoo Selfie

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  1. GoMuhammad

    Wow!! I have no idea they (animals) ‘do selfie’ more artistic than most people do. But, where is cat(and dog)?

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