Amazing Book Carvings

Amazing Book Carvings

St. Louis based artist Julia Feld transforms old books into unique works of art.

Each book carving was made using sharp knives, tweezers, and scissors.

Book Art

Book Carving

Book Sculpture

Book Carvings

Carved Book

Carved Books

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  1. EugiKo

    would be better if he had read these books)))))

  2. jumanicus

    so she/he just carved out the words and left the pics? meh…

  3. Sashimi

    This is Great!!

  4. yardbird

    why does it matter how she did it?

    i still find it very creative, incredible and beautiful.

  5. Jess

    were they blank pages? and they drew in the pictures?? even if its what @jamaninus said, it’s still amazing!

  6. Art of Concept

    Nice art!

  7. ran

    to me, those are amazing…because i can’t make them hahaha

  8. may

    Awesome! And to the haters. Do better!

  9. Shirley


  10. Deanna

    This is imaginative. I like it a lot. It would be nice to see the title of the book (on the binding) pictured alongside the artwork.

  11. Gert

    Interesting though not that creative to simply be patient with an exact-o knife..

  12. Blorgh

    To the haters, you’re not thinking three dimensionally. This is no different than chiseling away at a rock. You’re chipping away to reveal something that has been hidden within, visible only now through the artist’s work.

    To take a book about watch and clock repair and carve it into a framed representation of a clockworks is at least in my opinion brilliant and saying things about not just the nature of art and literature but the nature of the world. A hidden essence beneath the covers that must be worked at to be appreciated.

    Consider things, then judge them.

  13. G

    @jumanicus, obviously didn’t do that w/ all of them

  14. Sam

    This person must have been a monk or something like that, as this job needs tons of patience, and perseverance! Beautiful outcome though!

  15. gunneos

    i see it, but i don’t exactly understand how it was done… unlike the one with folded pages to make words. still, very neat.

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