Growth Table

Growth Table

Innovative table designed by Tim Durfee & Iris Anna Regn for classrooms, public libraries, and families with multiple children of different ages.

Made out of plywood, creative drawing table can be comfortably used by adults and kids of all ages.

It features integrated wooden benches and useful storage compartments for paper, crayons, rulers, pencils, and other drawing tools.

“Growth Table” encourages collaboration / interaction between children, and allows parents to work on cool projects with their kids.

Table for Growing Children

Tim Durfee and Iris Anna Regn

Drawing Table

Growing Table

Desk for Children

Drawing Table for the Whole Family

Growth Table by Tim Durfee and Iris Anna Regn

Table for Children

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  1. Scotty Westside

    I love the idea, I’m just curious to see how those age groups interact while working so closely

  2. erwin

    the little ones have a hard time to see someone, who is in front of the group explaining something.

  3. Goobly

    I thought the white hair girl at the front was an old lady on the second last photo.

  4. latincrow81

    looks nice but those wing nuts look dangerous

  5. Maria

    Not for kids use as they should be first not last.

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