Pirate Ship Bedroom

Pirate Ship Bedroom

Unique pirate themed bedroom designed by Steve Kuhl for a six year old boy.

The room is equipped with a bridge that connects to the ship. The pirate can quickly escape by climbing down the rope into the closet below.

Ship Bedroom

Pirate Bedroom


Pirate Room


Pirate Closet

Pirate Ship

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  1. Pete

    It’s official. The rest of us suck as parents.

  2. saaraa

    So cool! I wish I had this in my room!

  3. anonymous194

    I love it! And designing the bed so it hangs on top saves so much room too.

  4. Jason

    Can’t wait until next year when the kid isn’t into pirates anymore…

  5. GeebsRilie

    This post only has half of it! In this house there is also a secret room that has a squiggle slide all the way down to the basement.

  6. cupcake

    awsome!!! it looks like something that extreme home makeover did ^_^

  7. FunkyHendrik

    Wow, It’s very beautyful!

    I think It’s a present from his parents! This 6 year old already gratuated at university, look at the bookshelf!
    Smart kid…;-)

  8. Phil

    I must have missed the suspension bed….

  9. Till B.

    cant wait until the kid falls down this 10meter gap

  10. octopus

    seems dangerous for a kid..but really cool

  11. Me

    Perfect for all the six-year-olds who have bedrooms with 20-foot ceilings…

  12. Tom


    A lick of paint can turn it into a space shuttle in no time! :P

  13. woops

    Reality is gonna hit this kid extra hard.

  14. whatever

    @woops who needs reality?

  15. Reilly

    This is pretty cool.

  16. Kevin

    AmazingI wish I had this when I was a kid

  17. Anais

    rich a## kid

  18. Danyell

    @Jason – Who isn’t into pirates? C’mon, that room will be cool until that kid leaves for college.

  19. rachael

    wowzerz amzing …. bet the kid who lives in this is a little rat though

  20. woops


    The kid who finally realizes that he only has friends because of his awesomely decked out room.

    Oh, not to mention pirate-themed woo-hoo gets boring after the third time…. Unless ye lad is scurvy dog and gettin’ plenty o’ new booty on ye ship YARG!

  21. Aerwhyn

    College books and adult male clothes…. This was obviously not made for a 6 year old boy but the actual father-figure, else the child is sleeping in his parents bedroom at the age of 6. Creepy.

  22. quentin

    Fun to be a millionaire.

  23. Tara


  24. Dan J

    I little excessive, no? Don’t want to be a downer, but my God, there are kids that have no where to sleep. What kind of values are these parents instilling?

  25. Mousumee

    wow amazing !!! but now just will have to be wait to hear….. that’s crying…. kid.

  26. KERN8471

    My friends parents own that house now…I have slept in that room! The whole house is amazing.

  27. Kristin

    @ Dan J and others, lighten up everyone. If you had that much money would you still make your kid sleep on the floor just to “instill values.” I also doubt that yourself isn’t sleeping in a cozy bed tonight for the sake of others who aren’t. As for the room, dangerous for a 6 year old but still cool. AND Pirates will always be cool if you have your own boat on the ceiling.

  28. Dan

    Nothing wrong with a dad being a “kid at heart” with his kids, usually makes for happy kids. Wish I could do the same :)

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