12 Unique and Creative Beds

12 Unique and Creative Beds

The most creative and unusual beds designed for people who love to sleep.

Zipper Bed

Letto Zip bed makes daily bed-making process faster and easier.

Zipper Bed

Spaceship Bed

This bed will bring the drama of space dogfights to your bedroom.

Spaceship Bed

Floating Bed

Cool bed designed by Ego Paris for use in swimming pools.

Floating Bed

Yin Yang Bed

Creative bunk bed created by Italian designer Alessio Pappa.

Yin Yang Bed

Suspended Bed

Innovative bed with suspended mattress designed by Max Longin.

Suspended Bed

Hammock Bed

Hammock Bed

Concealed Safe Bed

Modern bed with hidden safe for firearms and other valuables.

Concealed Safe Bed

Rocking Bed

Cool bed by Manuel Kloker allows you to rock yourself to sleep.

Rocking Bed

Cinderella Bed

Unique pumpkin carriage bed inspired by the Cinderella fairy tale.

Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage Bed

Ball Bed

Sofa/bed combo made of 80 soft and extremely comfortable balls.

Ball Bed

Enignum Bed

Beautiful and stylish wooden bed designed by Joseph Walsh.

Enignum Bed

Nest Bed

Bird nest inspired bed designed by Merav Eitan and GasĀ­ton Zahr.

Bird Nest Bed

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  1. Michigan

    I love the nest bed! I want that badly! it would be perfect in my New York dream loft!

  2. IrMa

    Yin Yang Bed doesn’t look comfortable, but I Like Cinderella bed, cuteeee….

  3. Bob

    Cinderella and Ball ftw!

  4. Jess

    i LOVE the eginum bed and the nest bed!!

  5. Ardna.Leino

    Nest bed really rules!!!
    ball bed is a really great idea too.
    and i want a spaceship one for my guy, he would really love it.

  6. Betty

    All but the firearms/safe(not safe) bed,
    all the other are wonderful!

  7. Atavistica

    Really like the Suspend and Ball beds, can’t work out for the life of me why the lass on the rocking bed is wearing a lampshade on her head though?

  8. ran

    i want a cinderella bed please…..hha

  9. Benjamin Christine

    Very cool indeed! Nest bed would be the one for me! Brilliant designs! cheers

  10. jumanicus

    I like the nest bed, but only how comfortable it looks, I don’t care much for the design. I’m quite a big guy (7ft) and its hard to find a bed long enough or comfy enough for my slumber. i could imagine myself sprawled out amongst the gigantic cushioning like a cat or something, rofl

  11. Art of Concept

    I agree, the nest bed is awesome! Great concept for a bed, clever!

  12. VinceVega

    The nest bed looks cool, but..imagine getting in and out of it and keeping it clean P I T A.

    The enignum bed is the bomb! The suspended and sapceship beds are also awesome.

  13. Reilly

    Zipper Bed motto anyone?

    “Making escaping a fire impossible.”

  14. Aru

    I want that ying yang bed so badly. The top bunk looks like it would be wonderful for people with breathing problems.

  15. Koi Koi

    Spaceship bed all the way!! :DDDD

  16. Tara

    The enignum bed is stylish and practical as well!

  17. Audrey

    Hammock bed is what I’ve always wanted

  18. Doink

    Ying-Yang bed is awesome!

  19. Soheil

    Suspended Bed is cool, I felt in love with it

  20. Emilee

    nest bed. man i would dive into that thing and just be gone. one day I’m snuggled in at the bottom and the next I’ll be hatched and can live out my life as a bird.

    B.T.Dubs- big bird has a request so e-mail when available

  21. Kikishua

    I want a rocking bed. Oh yes!

  22. kadal

    nest bed…you’ll never want to fly…..’know what i mean?’

  23. Trung

    The hammock bed is designed by Duy Loi, a company from Viet Nam. http://www.duyloi.com

  24. Lintu

    nest bed is epic!
    and zipper one too

  25. Raads

    Cinderella bed – abit much?

  26. Lucinda

    It is sooooooooooooooooooooo cool! My son James says he wants the spaceship bed, and my daughter lives the cinderella.
    Personally I…

  27. Matthew

    i want the nest bed and cindrella bad for my nieces!

  28. Danielle

    I LOVE the Enignum bed! Why aren’t they in stores?!?

  29. torie

    i love the nest bed and the yin yang bed but the ball bed looks uncomfortable

  30. Rex

    Love the zipper bed now I can rest in complete darkness

  31. yuvy

    nest bed- i really want it now
    zipper bed looks cool too

  32. Jaja

    I fell in love with enignum bed:)

  33. Victoria

    I really like the zip bed! Cinderella one is cute. Nest bed is awesome. I love interior design! That is the dream I’ve always wanted to pursue since I was only eight!!!

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