Boomerang Bed by Teixeira

Boomerang Bed by Teixeira

Multifunctional bed with a sliding top that can be used as a desk is perfect for maximizing space in tiny homes and small apartments.

Boomerang Bed by Teixeira Studio is a transformative piece of furniture designed for modern living.

Featuring a wooden sliding top, this bed effortlessly doubles as a functional desk or a convenient breakfast spot.

With its built-in open storage, the bed helps keep the bedroom organized.

Created for studio apartments, guest rooms, or hotels where space is at a premium, Boomerang Bed makes the most of limited square footage.

From work to relaxation, the Boomerang Bed instatly adapts to your needs.

Teixeira Boomerang Bed

The Boomerang Bed is ideal for small spaces, combining a bed and a desk in one piece of furniture, thereby maximizing floor space.

Boomerang Bed by Teixeira Design Studio

With its sliding top, the bed doubles as a workspace or breakfast spot, reducing the need for additional furniture.

Boomerang Bed by Teixeira Studio

Open storage at the front provides a practical solution for organizing shoes, linens, or other items, reducing clutter to make the most of available space.

Teixeira Studio Boomerang Bed

Upholstered sideboard adds a layer of comfort, ensuring that the Boomerang Bed is comfortable and cozy for everyday use.

Boomerang Bed

Designed for various living situations, from studio apartments to guest rooms, the Boomerang Bed adapts to different needs and spaces effortlessly.

Teixeira Design Studio Bed

By combining multiple functions into one piece of furniture, it reduces the need to purchase separate items.

Teixeira Design Studio Boomerang Bed

Breakfast in bed just got better! Slide the top over and enjoy delicious food!

Teixeira Design Boomerang Bed

Boomerang Bed represents smart furniture design, catering to the demands of contemporary lifestyles that require flexible and efficient use of space.

Boomerang Bed by Teixeira Design

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