Amazing Eggshell Carvings

Amazing Eggshell Carvings

Brian Baity creates incredible art by carving unique designs into eggshells.

The artist carefully transforms fragile eggs into amazing sculptures.

Egg Art

Easter Egg

Egg Carving

Easter Eggs

Eggshell Carving

Eggshell Art

Eggshell Carvings

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  1. Von maximo

    Egg-cellent post of an egg-stordinary art!

  2. Derek Po

    I saw how they make these!

    Those folks have really delicate hands when using a dremel xD

    End result is a somewhat expensive eggshell is converted into a really expensive one :D

    piece of art, I mean.

  3. pandjul

    great eggs!!

  4. BS

    Holy moly.

  5. simon

    Ho..! my god that very great work

  6. MeerashX


  7. Masha

    You’d probably have to take Valium or something to cool you down before beginning!

  8. Ajay

    Dammn Cool..

    Outstanding Work,..

    – may God Bless You.

  9. Christian

    how? i wonder if they ever screw up

  10. Angel

    How? Thats in possible i cant even paint an egg

  11. Wafflez

    Its the greatest thing since Fabergé Eggs!!!

  12. Doc

    Imagine a gust of wind blowing it off the table. Such delicate work can be destroyed in an instant. They should be kept in a glass container. Wonder how the eggs are kept from smelling bad after a while…

  13. michael

    how do they get the stuff out from inside of the egg shell without damaging it?

  14. syafiq

    its like a crop circle on an egg
    so i think aliens made these :))

  15. Brian Baity

    thank you everyone for your interest and comments.
    Wafflez – I hope one day to show my work in St. Petersburg Russia, where Faberge did his work.
    Michael – the liquid is drained through a small hole usually in the fat end of the egg.
    Doc – they don’t smell bad because the liquid is removed and the shell itself is made from calcium carbonate.
    syafiq – although I have been accused of being from a different planet, i am from Earth, born and bred.
    Derek Po – I use a Paragraver from Profitable Hobbies to carve these eggshells

  16. Hannah

    Are they chicken or ostrich eggs? Ostrich eggs wouldn’t be so hard to believe, but chicken eggs, that is a whole different story.

  17. Brian Baity

    Many different eggshells. Ostrich, emu, rhea, goose, duck, chicken, quail, even parakeet

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