Bike Transforms into a Baby Stroller

Bike Transforms into a Baby Stroller

Taga combines the fun of a bicycle with the functionality of a baby stroller.

This awesome invention allows you to exercise while you spend quality time with your child. It only takes 20 seconds to change modes.

Taga Bicycle

Taga Bike

Stroller Bike

Stroller Bicycle

Baby Stroller Bike

Baby Stroller Bicycle

Baby Stroller and Bike Combo

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  1. Reilly

    That’s ummm…. really cool, but what if somebody hits you, or you run over something? The baby gets a rock in the face, or you crash it into something? It’s cool, but dangerous.

  2. Dom McNeil

    Fantastic Invention. How much???

  3. Gabriel Marchezini

    Cool! Very nice idea!
    But it seems that the front wheels don’t move together, you can turn them both sides at the same time…

  4. Torjan

    Damn Cool…

  5. nine

    nice…love it..!
    but for more safety, maybe can put something like shield or roof for the kids..

  6. may

    A beauty….I see every hollywood mom with one…look like some safety issues..

  7. Julien

    It’s very cool ! Very good idea

  8. Fillibert

    how is this less safe than a regular stroller. This thing has a 3 point seatbelt and a bar in front, seems safe to me

  9. Vibha

    really loved it!

  10. Lee

    Great idea but on a commercial edge it doesn’t really have much millage as it’s easier and cheaper to buy a kids seat to attach to a proper bicycle, Plus I dare say that this buggy has a limited age span. And it’s not really that attractive as both a bike or a buggy.

  11. Don

    Really make sure you do not crash;

  12. Betty

    That’s very cool. Clearly, it’s meant for flat, pedestrian/pedal friendly areas, not going fast or open roads. It’s no more unsafe than the baby strollers we push ahead of us crossing a street! Living outside of America for a while makes one aware of how safety obsessed Americans are.

  13. Kirvi_Inci

    SPIFFY! I don’t even have kids and I want one. lol!

  14. lea

    i want one when i have kids. Its safer then the baskets we put on bikes now for kids with the three wheels you have alot more balance kinda a backwards trike

  15. Tracy

    I think its great I wish they had these when my girls were born. I can’t see any safety issues with it that you would get with any pram or bike seat. If you needed to apply them to this, you would have to start applying them to pram & bike seats as well. Just a great idea and good luck to them!

  16. Karin L.

    Really Cool!!!

  17. Rose

    This is a great idea.

    If used correctly on pavements and at a sensible speed, then I think it would be very exciting for the child and a change from walking for the parent.

  18. Clona

    interesting! this seems cool!

  19. Rindane

    Beautifully designed. I loved it.

  20. Pete

    For people saying “don’t crash” and “safety issues” have you ever even looked at a regular kid’s seat on a bike? This is actually much safer.

  21. Aarti Harish

    Wow…this is an interesting idea..i wish I had this one.

  22. Gregg

    Looks neat – first test – “wife – please lift into car, and remove. Do this 5 times…” As apartment dwellers in SF we had a SUV stroller and a light Graco stroller – guess which saw more use? Now if lived off main street and had a garage – different story.

  23. ken

    you can’t steer it when it’s in stroller mode besides lifting or sliding the front (or back) wheel….

  24. Kelly

    Nice! I’d love to have one but it’s 1500 dollars (CDN). Ouch. I could buy a car for that much!

  25. Suk Chang Son

    It’s good idea, can you advise me price ?
    I guess korea mother with baby will interested in this goods.
    If the price of goods is reasonable to korea market, i am interested in this goods.
    I’d like to dicuss with you regarding this goods detailly.

  26. me

    love it, but did anyone else notice that the whole thing is promoted by milfs. makes it that much more exciting ;D

  27. Carina

    Very cool! And the video was shot in Tel Aviv, very close to where I live.
    I want one for sure!

  28. Patricia

    awesome! wish they could find a way to reduce the cost.

  29. liz

    how much?

  30. charlotte metzler

    my son would love this to take his kids around, how much is it and where can I [purchase it??

  31. Yvette

    How much? Where can I get it?

  32. bischoff

    bonjour combien le velo on peu le trouve ou merci

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