Infographic Coins

Infographic Coins

Pie chart inspired coins designed by Japanese concept artist Mac Funamizu.

Distinctive shapes will help travelers and blind people to easily determine the value of each coin.

Infographic Money

One Cent Coin

Five Cent Coin

Ten Cent Coin

Twenty Five Cent Coin

50 Cent

One Dollar Coin

Two Dollar Coin

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  1. Karen

    smart, saves metal!

  2. Nisa Zul


  3. Truthiness

    My father was blind, and I’ve known many other blind people. Blind people don’t have a problem with coins. Stop trying to solve problems that don’t exist, and use that energy to solve real problems.

  4. Heather

    Wow, i really like these ^-^ putting a modern twist on an old form of currency

  5. Mapache


    They just try to make things easy. This could help tourists and kids and other people I suppouse.

  6. Sean

    Yeah, even if blind people supposedly don’t have this problem, it would make travel alot easier

  7. Fillibert

    sharp edges makes it easier for kids to become blind so they’ll need those

  8. Hellie

    I like the concept but think that maybe the 50 and 25 cent coins would dig into your leg when in your pocket.

  9. Volker

    Except for the 1 and 10 pieces all will require major technology changes for coin handling machines.
    Simple edge markings as e.g. used on Euro coins are enough to be easily recognized by touch even for non-blind

  10. The Hooded CLaw

    Nice concept, didn’t realise Michael Jackson had his own currency…

  11. gunneos

    don’t know about blind people but coins with holes in them aren’t a new concept. old chinese coins had them.

    the holes were used to string coins together.

  12. mark

    @turthiness, this is a concept, in a website for designers. if you are complaining, you’re in the wrong site.

  13. Jorge


  14. enav

    totally agree with Karen

  15. Wafflezman

    Yes it is the official currency of Neverland! Courtesy of the Happy Thoughts Mint and the National Bank of Fairy Dust!

    Wouldn’t it just be a bit easier to make braile coins instead?

  16. Anna

    what are the stars for?

  17. MJ

    Ouch! that would hurt if i had the 25 cent
    & 50 cent in my back pocket and I sat on its pointed edges.

  18. serverdude

    so the 2 dollars are already devalued to a 1 dollar, at least when turned upside down.

    Photoshop laziness

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