Cake Faces

Cake Faces

Disturbing photo manipulations created by talented artist Ashkan Honarvar.

Powerful and creative images represent damaged faces of soldiers who were killed or wounded during World War I.

Edible Face

Cake Face

Exploded Face

Ashkan Honarvar

Cake Human

Candy Face

Face made of Cake

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  1. shante J

    0_o that’s ironic because i’m actually doing a project on WW1 right now !

  2. gord286

    i doubt that was the original “purpose” or “meaning.” i think somebody likes cake, but needed a justification for their art!

    as a side note, that is VERY creative!

  3. bananaman

    This is terrifying, but delicious looking at the same time. Great job

  4. Katie

    Really great. :)

  5. Niyari

    Amazing work.

  6. Maru

    I really like the last photo.. Looks like a velvet cake with cream cheese frosting.. So real!

  7. coltrane

    what does the spaghetti like green stuff represent?

  8. Urburos

    It’s a green apple flavored licorice. Last place I ever saw it was in germany as a kid.

  9. Dominic

    DOnt like these at all!

  10. MonicaCincy

    Hmmmm….okay. And, just what does cake have to do with the millions and millions who got killed and maimed in WW1~? Is my takeaway lesson here: “War is yummy”? “War is good as long as it’s covered in frosting”? Or is it just some lame Tolstoy pun a la: War and Piece [of Cake]. Yep, that must be it, wars are that easy to start. I would encourage the photographer to be more topical though…Streudel faces vs Pastry faces would have been more thematically apropos.

  11. Maryline

    Very creative and well done but very creepy as well.

  12. Public Cyberfreak

    Ok… These pictures are downright awesome, but there’s one fact that’s completely indeniable to me – I will never look at cake the same way again. (BTW, my opinion is that pic 2 is the freakiest one)

  13. WKM

    The candy stand for the sweet fake propaganda that is being used in war.
    these photo’s are based on medical photo’s from the ww1. The hard reality (flesh wounds) are replaced in this project.
    this also criticize the viewer that can’t handle the truth.

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