Stacked Coins

Stacked Coins

Japanese artist makes sculptures out of carefully balanced and stacked coins.

Gravity defying stacked coins arranged and organized by Thumb_tani.

Stacked Coin

Thumb_tani Stacked Coins

Balanced Money

Balanced Coins

Balanced Coin

Coin Stacking

Japanese Stacked Coins

Japanese Stacked Money

Stacked Money


Japanese Balanced Coins

Japanese Balanced Coin

Japanese Balanced Money

Japanese Coin Stacking

Japanese Stacked Coin

Japanese Coins Stacking

Coins Stacking

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  1. Swiper Fox

    I could do that as well. All I need are:
    Lots on money (from somebody’s piggy banks);
    Lots of patience; and…
    Lots of Superglue… (and gloves)

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