12 Steampunk Gadgets and Designs

12 Steampunk Gadgets and Designs

Steampunk is a sub-genre of fantasy and speculative fiction set in an era or world where steam power is still widely used. This post showcases creative gadgets and designs styled in a steampunk fashion.

Steampunk PS3

Beautiful steampunk styled Playstation 3 mod created from old radio valve, a pipe valve, a pressure gauge, and assorted plumbing parts.

Steampunk PS3

Steampunk Segway (Legway)

A self balancing, human powered, steampunk styled, Segway.

Steampunk Segway Legway

Steampunk Computer Mouse

Amazing steampunk computer mouse created by a Russian modder.

Steampunk Computer Mouse

Steampunk iPod Mini

Creative steampunk iPod hand crafted from brass, copper and oak.

Steampunk iPod Mini

Steampunk Laptop

This may look like a Victorian music box, but inside this hand crafted wooden case lives a Hewlett-Packard ZT1000 laptop.

Steampunk Laptop

Steampunk Notebook

Steampunk Headphones

“Mechanical aural communication device” by Chris from Chicago. [more]

Steampunk Headphones

Steampunk Watch

Creative handmade steampunk watch design by koisuruusagi.

Steampunk Watch

Steampunk USB Flash Drive

When in use, this creative 16GB USB memory drive glows green from underneath the gears –  giving the key a good sense of movement. [more]

Steampunk USB Flash Drive

Steampunk Computer Keyboard

Beautiful steampunk computer keyboard design by Jake von Slatt. [more]

Steampunk Computer Keyboard

Steampunk Guitar

Nautilus guitar inspired by the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea film.

Steampunk Guitar

Steampunk LCD Monitor

Dell 1907FP LCD monitor turned into a cool steampunk creation.

Steampunk LCD Monitor

Steampunk Monitor

Steampunk Goggles

These unique goggles are made from durable plastic base, hand painted evenly, and have been affixed with fully adjustable 5 lens system.

Steampunk Goggles

For more cool designs, check out: 14 Amazing Steampunk Creations

  1. delere

    I love this stuff! What an interesting perspective and so beautiful.

  2. Bill Lublin

    These are such incredible mixtures of fashion and technology – where form preserves but exceeds function Can they be bought? Or more to the point can they be bought for a price that is affordable?

  3. Loki

    Excellent, Real Awesome.

  4. Marc


    I think that is the point, no it can’t be bought affordable. That is the point. It is just tons and tons of HOURS. You’d have to pay someone hundreds of hours you aren’t going to do it. So it will stay unique.

  5. Ariana

    I wish I could do stuff like this. I love everything I see here.

  6. bh

    The “Steampunk Headphones”, as it’ been mislabelled here, is just a pretend bluetooth headset made from sculpey clay. It isn’t functional and isn’t headphones. LOL

  7. Paul

    Look like these are straight out of Brazil– a great movie, btw. Really enjoyed.

  8. Neal Bridgens

    Thanks for including the weblink. I do prefer when the copy write info isn’t stripped. But still thanks for including me in the collection.

    Neal Bridgens
    Steampunk iPod mod

  9. Freefly

    I hope this trend develops as it is absolutely brilliant!

  10. Datamancer

    Some of you may be pleased to hear that many of the artists featured here will be displaying some of their work at the Museum of the History of Science at Oxford University, UK October 13 2009 through February 21 2010.
    Art Donovan, Datamancer (myself, who made the laptop above), Dr. Grymm, Eric Freitas, Haruo Suekichi, Herr Doktor, I-Wei Huang, Jesse Newhouse, Jos De Vink, Kris Kuski, Mad Uncle Cliff, and Tom Banwell will be featured, with the possible addition of a few others. Please visit http://www.steampunkmuseumexhibition.blogspot.com/
    for more information.

  11. itsbrandnew

    I love the laptop!!!! Thats awesome!

  12. SnowFoxCreations

    There are lots of steampunk items for sale at Etsy. Of all the sites selling them, Etsy has the best selection- made by tons of different artists, too. It’s worth a visit.

  13. Chad

    Justin Gerard has a beautiful Steampunk Wizard of OZ painting posted on his blog for those interested.

  14. Tim

    What is the point of the steam-punk watch? They had watches in Victorian era England, and they were much more practical, functional, and aesthetically pleasing that that monstrosity.

  15. Sklep zoologiczny

    USB Flash Drive is outstanding! Give me one!

  16. Suzi

    I’ve always really liked this style I just never knew what it was called…P.S. I tend to agree that the watch is a bit over the top and a little too gawdy.

  17. Korinthian

    Haha, check out the LEGO cogs on the guitar.

  18. SamuraiMarine

    I would love to sit down and work on making things like this. One thing that reading the main site has caused me to do, however… Nowadays when I am driving and I see someone’s junk in the trash, and I looks like I could do something with it, I will pick it up and take it home. A new hobby that my wife is none too thrilled with. ;-)

  19. BenDesign

    Nice stuff. looks real interesting.

  20. Anthony Proulx

    This stuff is right out of the movies! I wonder how expensive these are?

  21. Thin Gypsy Thief

    Hey there people! I am the buider of the goggles that you see above! (found this site through the wicked awesomeness of google analytics)

    Nice collection of stuff on this site, Datamancer (laptops) does amazing work eh?

    Anyways, just wantded to say that the goggles are FOR SALE. I build and make them to order, for $125.00 USD / pair. You can check them out on Etsy @ http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=6480945 .

    If you are interested drop me a line! Or check out my twitter at ‘steampunk22’.

    Cheers, cool site!

  22. vivian

    i wantt!!! all!!!! crazy!

  23. captainallbeard

    It reminds me of those Myst games! I love this stuff!

  24. Marconiusrex

    Interesting – It’s like the Jules Verne / Captain Nemo aesthetic Stuck! and continued on into the 20th and 21st centuries in product design! It’s an interesting statement on “style” versus “design and function”

  25. jim w

    too awesome, loving the ps3 particularly!

  26. Lab

    I Love Love Love that computer mouse. It’s so much “prettier” than other versions I’ve seen. Most of these items are pretty incredible. Sweet artform with functionality.

  27. Gavin

    Anyone watched the U.S series warehouse 13?
    You might be surprised that alot of the things here feature in the show.. especially the desktop pc.

  28. Rudigar

    You should make a steampunk DOG!

  29. Matt

    I really like the key board/typewriter; but some of the items are just plain creepy.

    reminds me of an old music video by the band tool.

  30. Sheltatha

    These are gorgeous! I especially like the laptop, so much enchanting wonderful detail…

    I was actually in Oxford recently and saw the Steampunk art exhibit that Datamancer mentioned above, and it was absolutely amazing (and totally free, yay!). Anyone in the area should definitely check it out.

  31. blogdehielo

    i need this ps3

  32. Paul P

    Korinthian, I noticed the lego gears on the guitar also. Figured no one else would pick up on that. You still drive that Cordoba?

  33. dehaeen2ye

    awesome, cool gadget, btw whre can i find this stuf,

  34. Zoechaos

    Heard of Steampunk yesterday, did a search and found this! Awesome.

  35. John Randle

    I need all this stuff! Clients need a really good reason to see me and these things are what they need to see.
    Especially the goggles that would be so boss on I-4 while being passed by all the cars whizzing by at 90 mph toward the State Cops waiting for all that Northern tourist money!

  36. Thin Gypsy Thief (steampunk22)

    Hey there.

    Just to update the post. I am the builder of the goggles pictured at the top, and here is a fresh link to their online listing as the old listing is long expired now.


    Also, the price has now been set at $125.00 per pair.


  37. :)

    this is damn AWESOME!!!! and it is so rare… I’m getting to love steam punk fashion now :)

  38. Mari Singing

    very imaginative. Whwew does one get all those gears?

  39. kadal

    steampunks = exotic

  40. G.T. Smith

    I absolutely love the steampunk idea… or more the idea of Neo Victorianism. I agree with Tim. I think things that existed in Victorian times should remain aspects of the style. There is… in my opinion.. no reason to steampunk technologies from that time.

  41. Baron

    Someone mentioned these wouldn’t be affordable. The thing is, aside from the meticulous designing and making it look as if the gears appear to serve some sort of function. The pieces however are simply used from obsolete useless junk. Gears from old watches and so forth could easily be manufactured for a low price considering most of the source material would be rather cheap or free.

  42. Jay

    Design is really became a lost art as plastics got cheap. It’s good to see more and more steampunks.

  43. bipin karmacharya

    great designs and inventions!!!!

  44. Graham

    It’s all very “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”

  45. Raads

    WOW!!!! im sooo into this kinda stuff, n i want to get everthing!!!!!

    hmmm…. when i get my own house, its gonna be steampunked!!!!!

  46. James Anzalone

    @Bill Lublin

    I enjoy these designs, but I don’t see how form follows function in any of these pieces..

  47. The Critic

    I enjoy seeing that some new items are being posted for the world to see. Anyone interested in this form of fashion should Google Steampunk and look for references to Jules Verne as well as Victorian Era. That is the ticket.

    Some of the more elite of SP Historians try not to infringe upon gaudy.

    AND BEWARE ETSY! there has been countless fraudulent sellers for jewelery and the like. Do your research before buying from Etsy, cause Etsy wants your money and nothing else.

  48. Red Sapphire

    Did none of you ever see Dune???

  49. Dudey

    LEGO gears in a guitar??? Look real though!

  50. morgan

    these truly are absolute WONDERFUL works of art! kind of makes one wonder what if that old style had never gone away…?
    i wouldn’t mind having to “trim the wick” on mt desktop from time to time…..

  51. isaac

    All this stuff reminds me of Steamboy which is a great movie!

  52. Tobias

    I love the mouse! Steampunk has opened up a whole new world to me, fantastic!

  53. James T. Steampunk

    Very good work genteelmen, /bow
    I’m very suprised not many really get it, /sad
    hint: old black n white show called Dr.Who
    and no mention of Wild wild west new or old, 20K Leagues was a great ref, so many old movies actually used this concept, where do you think we got it from. Some of us were “Steampunks” before the term was invented, lol As you can tell, some of these guys were also.

    Love you later ! /salute

  54. pampalas

    love the watch

  55. gopalpandy

    mech rule the world

  56. jponiato

    Love the “Legway” – I have an old rotary push-mower that looks similar. Bet I could convert it.

  57. larry

    how much for the watch & goggles?

  58. Cyanide

    Yeah…i’d DEFINITELY buy a guitar like that!!!!

  59. Ajay

    Awesome, are they real? I liked laptop.

  60. nestomanifesto

    tried my steampunk Segway but now i gotta drive in a steampunk scooter___—shouldnt have used antique push lawn mower as base—-BLOOD EV RE WHERE——–signed ,satisfied but hobbled..nesto

  61. Beyd

    Ajay, of course they’re real! Well, as far as what they do, anyway. Most of the gears and pipes are just for aesthetic value, but they’ll perform just how you’d expect their every day counterparts.

    The laptop is just a regular laptop with the outer housing taken off, and replaced with the beautiful one we see. All the parts inside are the same, and it’s relatively easy to do as well! The hardest part is finding or making a case for it.

  62. Bippedy

    I dislike Steampunk. It’s craft folk celebrating the machine esthetic by destroying actual machines and failing to even understand or relate the principles or the times that made them.

    Like, a brass pipe randomly connecting to a 5AUR4 rectification tube. (on the Xbox) Or a pefectly good balance bridge and wheel from a wrist watch randomly glued on to a USB fob. It’s just forgiving your own illiteracy by saying it’s OK because gears are pretty.

  63. Paul


    I really like the Steampunk aesthetic, but something’s always bothered me about it though I couldn’t put my finger on it. You nailed it. Thanks for your insight.

  64. phil

    Bippedy, lighten up! Its just for fun like a hobby.
    don’t take it so seriously. “Illiteracy?” I bet you hate any form of the motion picture industry because its not real. get an imagination!
    and learn to ease up and have a little fun in life. Even if its not steampunk.

  65. peter griffen

    Looks mighty fine to me load of time making things like these look better by sheer knowledge,and a fntastic hobbie or interest that someone has devoted to this smart looking idea . I personally would patent it before someone else does as it all looks so good and all the best in the world,just so sorry i have landed on this now in ”Stumble” BIG LIKE : )

  66. Ance

    Had a dream about this once, what would the world be like if we never moved on from the steam age lol.

  67. Lee

    If they re-made Mad max, this stuff would be in it!

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