Communication Prosthesis

Communication Prosthesis

Sascha Nordmeyer has designed the ultimate communication tool for people that have problems with self-expression.

Circular red object is inserted into the user’s mouth to hold it open and help form unique facial expressions.



Professional Cyclist

Professional Cyclist











For more inspiration, check out: Amazing Photos of Scared People

  1. snakeman

    i want one of these!

  2. goldolden

    this seems strait dumb…

  3. Rosie

    lol these look stupid. but may be i’m missing the point.

  4. jumanicus

    i agree with rosie, wtf is the point of this? is it for actors/actresses only? and what kind of expressions could i achieve with one of these? a dumb looking one i bet. only actors would be interested in this and i think they would pass.

  5. torjan


  6. missingblink

    I guess this would be good for a dentist.

  7. Truthiness

    Why is this on Toxel?

  8. hello yellow

    lol.. i don’t know about communication, but it might be good for dentists.

  9. Patrick

    IMMA CHARGIN UP MAH LAZER … someone had to say it.

  10. Maltazer

    Looks like its the same dingle in every shot, I guess this is what happens when Sascha Nordmeyer gets the munchies and ends up chewing on the plunger.

  11. enav

  12. Betty

    This is a spoof folks!!! It’s gag, a poke at high profile types who seem to be able to get their mouths open hugely wide. Ever wonder what’s up with the amazingly huge white teeth giant smiles that are Americans seem particularly known for?

  13. Critical Eye


    How is a midwife or a craftsman a “high profile” type? And since when have Americans been known for big white teeth?

  14. Rachel

    lol…i want one too!!

  15. Al

    mmmm..I Wanna Kiss Their Lips..(but i Don Know How)

  16. Ollie

    My Dentist puts that in my mouth….

  17. Doink

    I swear, this looks exactly like shoop da woop ! :D

    Ima firin ma lazooooor!

  18. cindy

    Cain’t hep but love da gum action………. ik

  19. Robin Horton

    When I applied to art school at Cooper Union, one of the admissions application questions was “design a useless object.” I pondered that for a while trying to understand what the intention might be behind such a question. I decided I would respond with something that we didn’t need because we could find other existing objects to perform the same function. So I designed a “spaghetti twirler” created from 2 connected forks. I later found that someone had marketed something similar. This object you feature in this post does perform one function: makes you laugh.

  20. Kirvi_Inci

    Is it somewhat sad (ironic?)that the politician looks like he could easily be transformed into a zombie?

    Also, I don’t get this.

  21. Art of Concept

    I’m one of those that don’t quite see the point behind this…maybe it’s just for fun…

    But hey!…the porn industry could find one or two original ways of using this tool, lol.

  22. Kolin

    yet more plastic on the toxic dumps of africa.


  23. g

    Hilarious! I also like the different outfits everyone is wearing. Want!

  24. Cory

    Okay, seriously? they all look the same.

  25. Reilly

    @ Patrick


  26. James Ward

    Wallace and Gromit on crack

  27. Jrob

    The politician looks like a news reporter, and the cyclist looks like a jockey.

  28. Zerian

    I loled

  29. secret


  30. Raads

    This IS absoloutley pointless, but you have to admit, it’s entirely for fun.. and for dissin other peoples teeth.. look at their expressions, they r funny, as per freakin usual XD

  31. timmay

    wow this is pointless

  32. Darrell

    What the crap?! Haha

  33. Eugene

    Only a dentist or dental hygienist would find this ….. well interesting… sort of.

  34. Jaz

    lol I agree with any dentist comments out there – otherwise kinda dumb XD

  35. junnie

    does anyone else think that this looks MAD PAINFUL? holy crap.

  36. ronaldo

    they look Wallace and Gromet mouth pieces :)

  37. Christianna

    I think it’s about streching your mouth so that you can easily perform different expressions. Like an excersise. But I may be wrong…

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