Parents and Kids Swapped Heads

Parents and Kids Swapped Heads

Series of creative and somewhat disturbing photo manipulations shows us what would happen if parents switched heads with their kids.

These fun and clever images of Kindskoepfe (“Grown Ups”) were created by Florian Schmucker, Paul Ripke, and POP post production studio.

Photoshoped Photo

Image Manipulation

Parents and Kids

Photoshoped Image

Photo Manipulation

Photo Manipulations

Photoshoped Art

Photoshop Art

For more inspiration, check out: Amazing Photo Manipulations

  1. TheGuy

    The oontz was doing this last year. Still so good though n well done here.

  2. H7

    I am thoroughly disturbed.

  3. Glenn Contreras

    A very god job!

    The last one is my favourite! ^_^

  4. pandjoel

    yup, cute photoshop,,

  5. Betty

    Gee, baby faces make great looking adults!

  6. Gabriel

    Idea has been done for years. But I can appreciate the extra photoshop effort put into these.

  7. Cherry

    Love them!

  8. Loo Loo

    Excellently done!

  9. Ti @ Cafe

    I thought I would be disturbed by them, but no they were actually very well done.

  10. Till B.

    obviously fake and photoshopped -.-‘

  11. Dominic


  12. po

    nooooo way Till B. You’re a genius how did you find it out?

  13. Manpreet

    In the first picture, the child’s fingernails are painted :)

  14. Aggi

    These are fake?! These aren’t fake.

    What’s Photoshop?

  15. Starkrazy

    Gotta love the smoking prostitute smurfette t-shirt in pic 3! What a bad baby for donning that kind of apparel! Lol! Funny pix and good blending for the neck connection!

  16. flatsolid

    In Roman mass production statuary, heads used to be sculpted separately and then fitted to the appropriate body (that of a priest, a general, a patrician etc). So, are we dealing with an evocation of this ancient practice or with just another freakish perversion?

  17. Carola

    Great Idea and very funny photos!

  18. Reilly

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