Formula 1 Light Paintings

Formula 1 Light Paintings

Creators of Light Graffiti Cars are back with a new series of light paintings.

Marc Cameron and Mark Brown painted Ferrari, McLaren, Force India, Lotus, Virgin Racing, and Red Bull Formula 1 cars at Silverstone Circuit.





Red Bull

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  1. Henri

    how ?

  2. woops

    yes, how?

  3. po

    please! How?

  4. giggle

    with a camera and led lights

  5. ProPhoto

    Long exposure on the camera; the artist draws the cars with different color lights while the shutter stays open, and voila!

  6. pedro hazza

    wait, i understand how he did it, but how did he get it so accurate?

  7. po

    exactly, I have tried led and long exposures.. but this much details and this accuracy is not something u do without a reference

  8. tdfrench

    Look how clean the edges are. Looks like they used some sort of cut out/stencil

  9. PSZ

    Looks quite fake.

    WHY: Photos of Silversone in the background (as well as all the scenes from this project on Mark Brown’s website) have been made during the day or at least they’ve been made using relatively short exposure times (look at the clouds – there are no clouds on long exposures).

    Conclusion: short exposures and light painting doesn’t really go together. Well then how has it all been put in there? PS?

    And that’s why it looks quite fake to me.

  10. unknown

    We have filters called Neutral Density filters. They block some of the light entering the lens.

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