Car Sofa

Car Sofa

Unique sofa made from recycled parts of classic sports cars from the 1960’s.

Modern furniture with a twist. “Spirit of 427” car sofa by LUC & ANDRE.

Classic Car Sofa

Vintage Car Couch

Spirit of 427 Car Sofa

LA Design Studio

LA Design Studio Car Sofa

Classic Car Couch

Spirit of 427

Car Couch

Vintage Car Sofa

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  1. Swiper Fox

    Car Sofa??? That’s old news.
    The PAWNSTARS on tv already have a car-sofa in red.
    The middle of the backseat comes down as armrest and cupholders.
    Got working lights and music player, and has a Plate Number/Name Plate.
    The sides got TAILFINS on it.
    It was given to one of them as a gift.

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