Up House Replica

Up House Replica

Detailed replica of the house from Pixar’s movie Up was constructed in Utah.

Carl and Ellie’s dream home was built in Herriman by Bangerter Homes.

Real Life Up House

Up House in Utah

House from Up

Up House

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  1. Clare

    So cute!

  2. Pete

    It was so sad when she died.

    Great movie otherwise :)

  3. aditia

    with that much balloon, does it can fly too :D

  4. 2LV2

    Great Movie, Great house!

    Now someone needs to build a replica of the Zepplin!

  5. Sharyn

    That’s brilliant! I’d love to live somewhere like that. My house is already painted a heap of different colors inside, I’d love to have an outside to match!

  6. Dominic

    LOVE IT…

  7. Ninja Egg :D

    Awesome Movie. Awesome House. Id love to live in that! :D

  8. CRazypurple

    thats cool i wonder if the inside is the same too :)

  9. DesignGrrrl

    Cute. Too bad it’s in Utah :(

  10. nate

    houses like these remind me of edward scissorhands neighborhood or the cat in the hat movie, very irvine cyborg creepy town like

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