Bookshelf House

Bookshelf House

Shelf Pod is a private residence of an avid book collector in Osaka, Japan.

Designed by Kazuya Morita architecture studio, the walls, stairs, and windows of this unique house are covered with bookshelves.


Bookshelf Home

Shelf Pod

Bookshelf Room

Bookshelf Bathroom


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  1. jack.r

    I especially like the QR code above the bath!

  2. faith


    @jack.r : at first it looks like QR code but it’s arabic calligraphy ;)

  3. benq

    Yup,it’s have many arabic calligraphy in the house..why? -confius~

  4. Erin Maree

    You would never run out of storage space! Great design too :) :D :)

  5. sean

    not as good as sou fujimoto’s or shigeru ban’s bookshelf-houses

  6. Aggi

    This would make me anxious being around all the niches, lines and potential books/stuff. Interesting for sure but not for a home Id want to live in. … Certainly well done from a construction stand point. My favorite element is the outside of the house.

    Im impressed with the readers pointing out the arabic calligraphy, never would have guessed that one. :)

  7. Ck.

    Must be a nightmare to clean!! lol

  8. mohamad

    carpet on the floor has Iranian design and pattern and colors.
    the colors and pattern of drawing is Iranian too.
    i am from iran

  9. shashika

    Perfect geeky residence..

  10. Mark

    But there aren’t very many books…

  11. Nick

    the room with shoes so reminds me of the bit from the new italian job film.

  12. Yo

    I agree with Aggi : it is too much systematic. It’s OK for one room, but not for all the house… The person who lives in needs to fill her life…

  13. ran

    great for a book or an art lover

  14. Doc

    That’s a LOT of shelf space!

  15. Gert

    Um.. Yo.. they have, with books. I can think of worse things to fill one’s life with frankly.

  16. Kelly

    It’s not arabic calligraphy, that’s Persian.

  17. Majd

    That Arabic Calligraphy doesn’t mean anything.
    what’s the matter?

  18. Tim

    So.. where’s the TV?

  19. Jeff Miller

    I agree with Mark. My first thought was “hey, where’s the books?”.

    I’d have all those shelves full and still have boxes of books in the attic. :-)

  20. cheryl snipe

    This house rocks. I would love a house like that.

  21. aki pokes

    it’s okay for just ONE room, but not the entire house =.=

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