Coffee Faucet

Coffee Faucet

Elegant coffee machine looks like a modern kitchen faucet and only takes 15 seconds to brew a cup of delicious coffee.

All drinks are brewed to barista standards. Users can control Scanomat TopBrewer fully automatic coffee maker with their iPhone or iPad.

TopBrewer Coffee Tap

Scanomat Top Brewer

TopBrewer Coffee Machine

Scanomat TopBrewer

Coffee Tap

TopBrewer Coffee Faucet

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  1. asim

    please tell me that this is not a concept

  2. Lilia Smiles

    As much as I think this is a great idea on a first glance I actually prefer going through the process of making a cup of coffee.

  3. Sharyn

    Oh I love this! I hate having to wait for coffee and all the fiddling round. The only thing is it would have to be compatible with Android too.

  4. Monika

    The one word summary of my thoughts! ;-)

  5. cole

    just what we need – another machine to feed us coffee

  6. gunneos

    coffee on tap!

  7. dude

    hmm, this looks … decadent.

  8. Uli

    No, Asim, it’s not a concept. You can buy it already … Well if you have too much money. Costs around 12.000 Euro.

  9. Midet

    I just need to modify it to make tea and I’m set for life.

  10. chelsea_fc

    It’s an amazing idea. Still doesn’t compare to texturing the milk and pouring it yourself though!

  11. minions

    I’ve never had coffee, but it makes me want to =]

  12. Gert

    Well this is just a win win for me and imagine how much fun the confused looks on my friend’s faces would be!

  13. greg

    If they can make in just 2 seconds, it be even better. In fact, it should plumb the coffee back in the garbage disposal and get it over entirely.

    You simply cannot make a proper coffee extraction in 15 seconds.

  14. Brendan

    There’s something charming about the traditional coffee machine with all its knobs and spouts and shiny stainless steel which makes me want to have a fresh ground coffee. This faucet has no charm whatsoever. It’s not hard to design a new coffee machine, why does it have to be so stark and dull?

  15. CJ

    This is so close to the coffee IV drip of my dreams.

  16. coffeemaker

    15 grand and the size of a 5 storey house? … does it come with a bartista included? that would also be helpful if stuff needs to be replaced.

  17. barista

    oh how i wish i could have 1 of these coffee makers. :)))

  18. pdiggs

    Where can I get this?Q?Q

  19. Timbo

    Decadent? Its only 8 grand…. thats cheap for something that makes coffee.

  20. Tlaque

    Who sell these and how much?? We could us a couple.

  21. Nirina

    i don’t even drink coffee, but this is amazing!

  22. Amy

    could do with an automatic tea maker. that you could programme to get it juuust right.

  23. bearfoot

    Yes, you can Brenden.

    It’s called espresso.

  24. Swiper Fox

    All I need for coffee is a cup of hot water, and a half-teaspoon of granulated coffee.
    Just nothing fancy about it, and that’s it.

  25. Ash

    I’m more of a Tea person.

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