Real Life Up House

Real Life Up House

Flying house from Pixar’s animated movie “Up” was recreated in real life.

Team of engineers constructed basic structure of a house and used 300 balloons to make it fly. The project was commissioned by the National Geographic Channel for the “How Hard Can It Be?” TV show.

Up House

Balloon House

Up House in Real Life

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  1. Taylor

    how many whales did those balloons kill?

  2. Ben

    Taylor- all we can hope is that it killed lots.

  3. bert

    have to say this is incredibly cooooool…

  4. Josh3402



  5. ran

    incredible… make it true haha

  6. Blurp*

    @Josh3402: Dude… Did you see the size of those balloons? It’s obvious they used different sized ones. Each Balloon attached to that replica was handled by one person each. Since each balloon used in that experiment consumed one tank of helium.

  7. peppy

    What a waste of money. Still they could of spent a couple more bucks and built a floor. Did they forget you’d see it?

  8. gunneos

    how did it land, then?

  9. SJA

    Up was depressing.

  10. Larna

    I think its superb!! Regardless of how many balloons they use! UP movie is great and knowing this cud happen is sooo cool!

  11. Benjamin Christine

    amazing! loved the animated film, this is just great! :)

  12. saaraa

    There goes our helium supply!

  13. sarah

    in one word.. how do i feel?
    AMAZED! :)

  14. xoxo

    Woow, that’s so coo!l :)
    I want that house, it must be so much fun to fly like that!
    The movie is so sweet!

  15. Christine

    Tomorrow’s news : one man died crushed by a yellow house fallen from the sky.

  16. Nick Borgers

    @Josh3402: MythBusters are not a reliable resource. They are theatrical effects experts that take a somewhat engineering based approach to problems and generate an answer. Some of the myths they undertake are well within their means to evaluate, some of them are not. It’s a TV show: they know it and you should remember it.

  17. Josh3402

    @Blurp: Even so, it should not have worked even with the size of the balloons it does not matter.

    @Nick Borgers: NO YOU ARE WRONG!!! MYTHBUSTERS ARE COMPLETELY RELIABLE!!! THEY EVEN DO ALL OF THE MATH AND CALCULATIONS BEHIND EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEIR EXPERIMENTS!!! I went back and re-watched the “Up myth” episode and rechecked their work, and their math is totally correct!

  18. Dom

    “illogical laws of quantum physics”. Made me laugh.

    and who is this joker above; ‘size of the balloons does not matter’.

    i am constantly amazed.

  19. Josh3402

    @Dom: Well Dom, in every system, be it the governmental, mathematical, or physics, there will always be at least two laws that contradict each other, yet make sense when paired with other laws. These laws on their own are called the Illogical Laws, and let me tell you that quantum physics has a lot of them. Also, the size of the balloon DOESN’T matter, because if it is that big, it will probably be way to thin to hold all that helium and will pop. So the SIZE doesn’t matter, but the THICKNESS does.

  20. ugh

    Those balloons are 30X the normal 11″ balloon
    30×300=9000 normal balloons

  21. Pat

    @Josh First off your reference to quantum physics has no correlation to this “experiment”being that helium is one of the simplest elements in quantum mechanics. And though the mythbusters do calculations on their experiments most of the myths they are looking at are theoretical at best, and everything is best guess backed by engineering and science. And yes the size of the balloons does matter because the whole experiment is about VOLUME.

  22. peppy

    Josh, I agree. Girth is all that matters.

  23. jasard

    @peppy: LOL.

    Of course this is possible! If you watch the video, they mentioned that each balloon is approximately 8 feet tall filled with a tank of helium!!!

    @gunneos: I, too, wonder how it landed.

  24. BiNc

    I don’t get the first comment (by Taylor) …
    What has THIS got to do with whales??
    Could somebody explain it to me please?

  25. Heather

    Amazing! But I guess they should’ve added a “don’t try this at home” warning to the video. Just imagine all those flying houses all over the world…

  26. Kenta-Rin


    If you love MythBusters (as I do) then you should know that it only took 16 weather balloons to life up Larry Walters, a full grown man.
    The Mythbusters confirmed this in the third pilot episode.

    MythBusters is a lot better than the reality show slop the other networks tend to vomit up.

  27. Luisifer

    @ BiNc

    Those balloons could easily kill large creatures like whales if the pieces get stuck in the animals’ insides.

  28. sally

    many things from movies will be come true.

  29. James


    From what I can tell, the first post is most likely a reference to the THQ fiasco during a promotion for their new video game Homefront, where they released 10,000 helium-filled propaganda balloons. These balloons eventually lost their buoyancy and fell into the San Francisco Bay and caused a lot of outrage with environmentalists and locals who were worried about the impact on marine life, and for the more self-centered, the impact on the aesthetics of the bay with all those red balloons floating in it. Despite the company assuring everyone that the balloons were 100% organic and 100% biodegradable, many were still concerned about how much harm the balloons would cause to the many animals likely to ingest the balloons before they biodegraded.

    Sorry for the crazy eco-moment, but just figuring that the first guy was making a reference to that recent balloon controversy with his remark, because unlike the THQ balloons these are definitely whale-sized balloons. Though it’s obviously irrelevant since I doubt they just released the balloons to the elements, and definitely not over any bodies of water. Just my thought as a gamer and a tree-hugger.

    “The More You Know”!

  30. gunneos

    so, no one knows how it landed? :D

    this is a cool thing to do still, i just hope they cleaned up after themselves (which i think they had to, since they put people up there).

  31. BiNc

    Thanks to Luisifer & James for the answers.
    That makes sense. Oh my, how horrible.
    Let’s not excpect the worst ;)

  32. solaceinrage

    If I remember the episode right, the mythbusters went with the cheapest balloons they could get, and they were so knackered that 1/3 or so of what they bought burst while filling, or after being attached. These people in the clip above were able to use optimum grade balloons, lighter and stronger cabling etc.
    Its like saying its impossible for one brand of car to beat another. The components that go into it are the ONLY thing that matters, and the shoestring budget the Mythbusters had to work with was barely enough to get them off the starting line.

  33. Doink


    Mythbusters used normal baloons. These are king-size.

  34. Troy

    They used Weather balloons. Different to normal balloons.

  35. trolololol

    wait, so HOW did these guys get down? like, seriously. did they do the up thing? where they cut the strings? i feel like that could end badly if they cut too many.

  36. Larissa

    All I can think of is how expensive helium is!

  37. RIver

    I, to wonder how they got down. There was people in there! I think these couldn’t have killed whales 1. because they were in a dessert :) and 2. because there was people who probably cleaned up the balloons once they go out… If they lived… :)

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