Dancers Among Us

Dancers Among Us

Amazing photo series by Jordan Matter features top professional dancers in everyday situations.

There were no trampolines or other devices used in the creation of these wonderful images, just thousands of hours of training!

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Times Square Dancer

Dancer Scooter

Shopping Dancer


Locker Room Dancer

Pole Dancer

Dancers Amoung Us

Subway Dancer

Dancer Phone Booth

Born to Dance

Dancer Snow

Dancer McDonalds

Newspaper Dancer

Surfing Dancer

Dancer Photographer

For more inspiration, check out: Cool Photos of Levitating Girl

  1. atef

    so adorable :)

  2. zwelg

    Really cool!
    Wandering if the shopping girl and mcdonals girl wearing any undies….

  3. MMM


  4. oyikk

    cant imagine it really happen in front of me :D . nice shot !!!

  5. Betty

    Ok, I can remember a time when I sort of did stuff like this. It was years ago but a time when I was dancing 5-6 days a week, 3+ hours a day. To stop, anywhere, at any time, was a moment to strike a position–not to impress but just because that was what the body wanted to do. I’m in my 50’s now, haven’t danced in years, but the body still wants to do this…jig across the kitchen, lift feet off the floor while pushing a shopping cart, two-step down stairs…thanks for listening. Thanks for the cool pictures.

  6. Kinga

    Beutifull! I love it!

  7. Courts

    Some great shots!!!

  8. Lucy

    so incredibly clever. Mind blowing

  9. Darrell

    This is stuff I do all the time!

  10. JushMan

    Are we human? Or Are we Dancers?

  11. place name here

    “Faaame….I wanna live forever…I wanna learn how to fly….”

    (and thanks for sharing, Betty ;)

  12. tara

    dance like no is watching

  13. ccc

    The last one scared me because when I first looked at it it looked like she was going to fall off.

  14. Lisa

    It must be difficult to capture the jump

  15. Josh

    They are seriously cool!

  16. bert

    incredibly awesome

  17. Jordan Matter

    Thank you all for your kind comments! I am thrilled you enjoy Dancers Among Us. You can check out the rest of my Dancers Among Us series on my site:

  18. Dom

    I didn’t know dancers had such good verticals

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