Close Up Photos of Animals

Close Up Photos of Animals

Incredible photo series by talented photographer Igor Siwanowicz features extreme close-ups of insects and other small animals.

Macro photography allows us to get up close and personal with these beautiful alien-looking creatures. [Igor’s book on Amazon]

Close Up Photo

Animals Up Close

Amazing Macro Photography

Macro Photography



Macro Images


Macro Photography by Igor Siwanowicz


Macro Photographs

Alien on Earth

Macro Animals


Macro Photos


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  1. Josh

    Creepy… but COOL!

  2. Sharyn

    Amazing! I love how colourful some of them are and how some of them seem to have really cool expressions.

  3. Sutamun

    I love it, and I’m not just saying that because I’m a photographer! These are amazing pictures, I can’t believe how clear and colorful they are.

  4. Hime Jenn

    love the froggies.. superb cute

  5. miggy

    great photograpy truly a professional can do that

  6. Ninja Egg :D

    amazing photographer! truly just amazing works of art. :)

  7. Frederick

    Damn it I was cooking up dinner.

  8. J Jones


  9. Nisa Zul

    love it so much… superb!!! awesome!! LOVE IT!!!!!

  10. Bonnie Walters

    The colors of the fourth one looks like a ballerina tutu! Even the pose is pompous lol!

  11. douglas

    Another example of exploitation of the animal world? I hope they are at least getting scale. Some of these poses must be held for quite some time, others looked unusual for the species. Was there a PETA rep on hand? What about the parents? With the right contract that purple crab could be swimming in strawberries!! And the toad being forced to eat a FINGER!! My gosh people, where is the outrage. I’m calling Al Gore.

  12. Darrell

    AAAAHHH! ITS ALL SO HORRIBLE! aside from that awesome lizard at the bottom. Haha

  13. 4thgraderules!

    Aww the baby chameleon (last photo) is so cuuuute ^.^

  14. milkshake

    Can anyone tell me what kind of catapillar is in the 8th photo? The one with thorn like appendages coming out from its body?

  15. trolololol

    these are horrible.

    KIDDDINGNGGG they are really amazing. great colors and does anybody know what kind of camera these were taken with?

  16. UncreativeName


    Armageddous Creepicus. Also known as The End of the World.

  17. Temperance

    These are great photographs. I can only imagine the fun captions that many would think up for these. Who would have known the beauty of such small and colorful creatures?! I love the frogs!

  18. pat

    Beautiful work. Am so jealous :-D

  19. Betty

    Wonderful! Who knew that getting so up close and personal with these critters could be so COOL!

  20. Ivan

    Igor always make brilliant photos, i like Igor works that very nice cheers..

  21. tt

    that is a saaaaaaaad caterpillar

  22. manda

    I enjoyed these for the ability to appreciate the complexity of each animal’s structure. Humans are quite simple in comparison…wouldn’t you agree?

  23. Eve

    Geez id hate to wake up to these in my bed but these pics are amazing!

  24. amin

    ….very good. amazing!

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