Unique Guitars from Japan

Unique Guitars from Japan

Japanese artist Yoshihiko Satoh transforms musical instruments into cool and unusual sculptures.

His most famous creations are electric guitars that have twelve necks.

Guitar Sculpture

Round Guitar

Electric Guitar

Yoshihiko Satoh Guitar

12 Neck Guitar

Yoshihiko Satoh

Yoshihiko Satoh Guitars

Cool Guitar


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  1. The Hooded Claw

    Almost disappointing that they are shown plugged into such small amps.

  2. Katie

    The circular ones are amazing.

  3. chelsea_fc

    Some of these were on display in Brisbane! They were awesome!

  4. spencerc6

    Those are pretty useless…

  5. like that

    exactly spencerc6
    I was thinking who is capable of playing such thing

  6. kahn

    @ like that & spencerc6

    who can play this??… creative people offcourse!
    this is not thàt impossible.
    I can imagine some crazy acrobatic team folded around it, with half of them suspended from the roof.. playing some kick-ass tunes.

    I have to admit that there appear really strange things on toxel every now and than but if you can’t see the fun in this you have no imagination at all..

  7. j

    get me a ladder and some straplocks.

  8. Sofa King

    you could even tune each neck to a different tuning. im down. im making one stat

  9. Libeerian

    friggin’ awesome dude! Party on Garth! Rock n Roll!

    (wa-wa pedal not included.)

  10. Darrell

    It would be really interesting to see how the heck these could ever possibly be played..

  11. Duh

    @Spencer and others… did you miss the part where it says ‘SCULPTURE’?

  12. Shandya

    Siamese twin guitars.

  13. Rob

    yea… these are pointless. maybe ART…. but other than that pointless. it isn’t that hard to cut a guitar in half and bondo it to another guitar, sand and paint the guitars.

  14. Mark

    Only in Japan…

  15. alan

    being impractical doesnt matter at all, they look so awesome

  16. COOL!

    The whole time I was thinking, “How do you hold these?” and then I saw the last picture. HAHAHA

  17. Peternauta

    This guitars are made for Squidward Tentacles… but he plays clarinet..

  18. Awosanma


    I think I like this concept.

    The execution is good

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