Realistic Barbie

Realistic Barbie

American researcher and artist Nickolay Lamm created a Barbie doll using the measurements of an average 19 year old woman.

3D Printed model is shorter and wider than a real Barbie doll. It represents American girls and women with regular bodies.

Do you think young girls should play with normal looking Barbies or do you want them to aspire to be better than average?

Real Barbie

American Barbie

Real Barbie Doll

Realistic Barbie Doll

Realistic Doll

Nickolay Lamm Barbie

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  1. jacklyn

    Great work.

  2. Arie Willard

    Where is Ken?

  3. Anita

    How do you mean, aspire to be better then average? Barbies figure doesnt represent a healthy weight. (even though the average woman might need to lose a pound or two. Skinny doesnt per definition equal better.

    Suggesting that is just wrong

  4. Megan

    Being overweight is not healthy. Being too skinny is not healthy.

    Every person should eat good food and workout regularly.

    Americans (on average) are the fattest people in the world.

    Sending a message that all girls should be skinny is dangerous, but saying that it is OK to be overweight is even more dangerous.

  5. Mapache

    Barbie isn’t suppoused to be an standard of beauty for adult women.
    She is a form of escapism for little girls. So if her proprotions aren’t realistic, I don’t see how that’s an issue.

    And neither shoud it be the fact that little girls want to be pretty. C’mmon. This doesn’t really prove a point.

  6. amit

    they both look bad :(

  7. Francisco Fo

    neck looks weird…

  8. Silvia

    Barbie isn’t “skinny”. She’s not “busty” either. If you look her from the waist up, she’s pretty much normal; the problem is that her hips just aren’t female. She has a female torso mounted on boy’s hips.

    That said, giving girls a “realistic” doll to play with and thinking this will solve their self-esteem issues, is semplicistic and a bit hypocritical IMHO. Ofc it takes more effort to educate them into telling truth and fantasy apart…

  9. Philip

    I don’t get all this hype over barbie. Its a doll its not meant to be realistic. No resonably intellectually minded person looks at it and thinks it represents a idealistic woman, in the same way a cabbage patch kid or a gi joe or transformer doesn’t lead any other kid to think “gosh when I grow up I’m going to be big 2 story piece of metal and transform, etc etc”

  10. Ahmet

    Little girls are brainwashed by the skinny Barbie into thinking that an ideal body should be like hers.

    This is a good effort to wipe that effect.

  11. Gert

    Mapache, couldn’t say it better. Barbi isn’t causing anorexia, mom obsessing about her weight and being controlling is. Remember when we let kids be kids and none of us were fat or obsessed with our weight or overly worried about becoming adults because we were too busy having fun?

  12. yui

    Megan — the “new” barbie is not overweight, she’s average. The idea is that Barbie should embrace a realistic figure or “average” body rather than an unattainable model figure.

    Personally I was never into Barbies as a child, and will probably avoid them for my children. There are plenty of other toys that do not send any sort of body message (like legos).

  13. Michele

    I’m with Amit. They both do look bad. I grew up playing with Barbi and I have never thought that this is what an adult female is supposed to look like and the “realistic” one looks just as bad.

  14. Romall Smith

    sure tell little girls its ok to be fat, thats is worst than telling hem they should aspire to me skinny/fit. Lets just complete the set and make bodybuilder barbie

  15. Brianna Baldwin

    I belive you should do it i have gained some wait and when i look at the Barbie i belive that to be that skinny os not right i like the new one better

  16. Brenda

    Let me just say one thing ,lets put the emphasis on where it it belongs Self esteem if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! …. How Old is Barbie today? I can say the population of girls growing up are well adjusted females . weither petite or Average …….. No Issues

  17. Kayla

    I’m aware that this was intended to show the difference between reality and the Barbie Fantasy Land, however, this is kind of disturbing to me.. The Average Girl doll seems incredibly dumpy compared to Barbie. How are we supposed to live up to that?

  18. Jon

    And all boy superhero toys should stop having unrealistic giant muscles too I guess? They are just toys for playtime…. not something to aspire to. Go ahead and make them, but don’t say one is better than the other because you want to play psychologist.

    Also, there isn’t anything average about the new Barbie’s butt. SIR MIX-A-LOT will come out of retirement to rap about “Dat Barbie Booty”

  19. @

    I don’t think that Barbies are “brainwashing” little girls into wanting better bodies. Like Mapache said, they’re just toys. There’s no “deeper” meaning. Barbies are not causing kids to want to be anorexic or convincing them that the average woman looks like that.

  20. Grace

    “Better than average”
    And what makes being extremely thin any better than an average woman.
    By calling people who are built smaller better, we are endangering girls. We are telling them that being thinner is better.
    I think the new Barbie is beautiful, and should be widely manufactured, so girls will know they don’t have to be perfect.

  21. Andy

    So, reading from the Artists homepage all he did was do display the average Women… that’s pretty much all. Nothing about the average healthy or fit women… My thoughts on this project is: First, a 19 year old women is not exactly a women quite yet… maybe a 22-26 year old would of have been better. Second, an average Female or Male (in proportions) is also not necessarily the ideal standard of a healthy person… Third, it’s a doll. What is there to compare anyways?

  22. Barbie Man

    Dat ass!

  23. Heewy

    Finally a lot healthy looking Barbie! Bigger and more rounder face, almost twice size of panty, back is wider, arms wider, thighs wider, legs shorter and thicker, face is bigger, shorter neck, and bigger foot. It’s realistic and definitely more human looking for sure! Now little girls don’t have to get stressed out trying to look like Batbie with anorexia! My sis grew up with Barbie and she is skinny as hell! I don’t think the new Barbie is over weight. People are just not used to seeing this new Barbie.

  24. Jade

    Why is realistic Barbie’s feet so big?

  25. @Jade

    Because normally the length of each foot is almost the same as the length of one’s forearm. The original Barbie is not only underweight but in this respect completely impossible (or has some kind of congenital disorder). A child should just put (mounted) both on a rotating table and see how little (if any) torque is needed to tip the skinny barbie.

  26. Meh

    ‘Realistic’ barbie looks weird. Kinda short…idk. Also with her stance looks like shes about to fight skinny barbie!

  27. Sara

    The new Barbie is awesome. It is unhealthy for little girls!
    GO,GO,GO! New barbie.

  28. Gert

    If you think the reason girls have low self esteem is due to a doll you don’t spend much time in a class room.

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