National Flags Made Out of Food

National Flags Made Out of Food

To get people excited about the Sydney International Food Festival and celebrate international food, national flags of participating countries were recreated using popular local foods of each nation.



















South Korea

South Korea





Advertising Agency: WHYBIN/TBWA, Sydney, Australia

Sydney International Food Festival

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  1. Dave

    wooow! amazing post

  2. mayvelous

    Nice and yummy! Such great ideas. :)

  3. Pacwan

    Ugh no Philippines! >:()

  4. gary

    Where’s the flag of Hungary?

  5. Edward

    I don’t call half of these “food” I call it body parts.
    Think of the suffering that you spare yourself the sight.
    What to you is merely a meal, to them is life itself.

  6. Joy75

    Yes, we want the flag of Hungary!

  7. Sushi

    I Love the Japan map!!!

  8. Hilms

    I wonder how they’ll manage Malaysia.

    Nice one!

  9. Karen

    hey, what happened to the USA flag?! jkjk

  10. johan

    hilms: he’ll need some roti canai, nasi lemak, sambal ikan bilis and teh tarik to do a Malaysian map..heheh

  11. Aarti Harish

    Hi…I liked this one…just wished if the Indian Flag had something blue in the centre..for the CHakra..the actual colour…rather than the pink.

  12. JK

    Cool….Good One!!!.

  13. deepvaidya

    currylecious india yummmmm…

  14. oliver

    malaysian could do this with nasi padang, pempek palembang and some rujak cingur (indonesian food). just like they did b4.

  15. niol

    innovative way to teach and eat
    Sorry, forgot to add great post! Can’t wait to see your next post!

  16. charubhashini

    Hmmm a different try was awesome!


  17. Adie

    Lol this whole thing was awesome! For India, there’s this thing called star anise of something, and it’s shaped like…well… a star =D But it’s black, which I think is a little closer to indigo than pink =) But it was cool anyway!! Yum…

  18. Éric Sá

    I love Brazil

  19. tech-mad


  20. Dan

    Edward, today I’m going to eat twice as much meat as normal, just to make up for the meat you’re not eating.


    VERY COOL!!!!

  22. Chad

    @ Dan: hahahahaha

    My friend Mike in college would always request extra servings of meat in the caf when eating with Jason (my vegetarian friend) just to prove that he is accomplishing nothing.

  23. samsam

    love it!some thing new too, love the indian one, very nice chicken there(my friend )

  24. Nelson

    @ Edward

    If God didn’t want us to eat animals, then why did he make them out of meat?

    PS. Loving all the flags. I’m hungry now.

  25. morfikirler

    Ugh no Turkey! :(

  26. xppdm

    the greek flag is delicious!!!!!!!

  27. G

    Where’s the flag of Jordan?

  28. Gambo

    @ EDWARD
    Keep your meatless comments to yourself.

  29. Don

    No brittish and Dutch flag, pitty =p

  30. Turk

    where is the Turkish Food Flag? :D

  31. Tom

    MAN this is really awesome!! ahaha congratz.

  32. charlie

    there is no US flag because a hamburger and french fries look bad anyway you look at them

  33. John

    I think Italy’s flag looks beautiful, and I really like the accuracy in Korea’s flag. Is that kimbap I see? Man, I’m totally hungry now…

    But yeah, there definitely needs to be the flag of the Philippines!

  34. jennifer

    I know what you mean, Edward. How many more olives have to die in the name of food? How many families of tomatoes have to be torn apart before we say no more? In the words of the late great Cesar Chavez – no uvas, my friend. No uvas.

  35. NangChun

    That’s good

  36. Karin Stewart

    Well, I guess the food stylists need to have time to show off their creativity, too! It was fun to view!

  37. dd

    @oliver ur ‘nasi padang’ country has no flag at all.made of tongkang,pendatang haram,penyamun

  38. JimboJim

    Hello? Where’s Germany?

  39. Oddie

    Indonesia, c’mon, it’s simple enough as Japan :D though the red color is more needed :D maybe it could done by meat, tomatoes or some “cengek” . . . :D

  40. Danny

    Really good food flags, Eat local foof and make the world better

  41. Rudirakete

    Hey JimboJim, Germany is next to France. Hope this helps :-)

  42. Edward

    @Nelson, sure, let’s eat each other then since we’re all made of meat.

  43. Maya

    I like the Lebanese flag! it’s really nice. I VOTE :)

  44. Adrian

    Brilliant! These are really cool. You could make the UK flag with blackberries and strawberries, or the Irish with carrots, potatoes and cabbage.

  45. Stewart little

    No USA : (

  46. Kurt

    Wow – this would be great if I knew what any of the flags of other countries looked like!

  47. Travelwriter

    I miss Austria but the ideas are great! Thanks for sharing it!

  48. astrodex

    @ Edward

    The circle of life requires carnivores. Shall we teach the lions that all life is sacred? I myself am an omnivore, just as nature intended.

    Now, if you want to talk about the brutality of modern livestock farming…go somewhere more appropriate.

  49. astrodex

    Awesome post, by the way. This could easily be expanded into a nice coffee table book.

  50. Eddie


    I too am going to eat twice as much meat today to make up for that which you aren’t eating.

  51. Shelby

    I agree with Edward– it’s such a waste to have all that meat on those plates…

    Some poor animal died people. And for what? To be turned into artwork?

    NAY I SAY! Therefore, I hope someone partook of those delicious creations. And that they said “Yum” after. As would be the proper way to show respect to those animals.

  52. Michelle Crawford

    This is totally cool- I really enjoy how not only the colors, but the actual foods are relevant! Kudos, do more (yes USA & Philippines would be my votes for the next round!)

  53. bob


  54. Elie

    Lebanon Flag (Y)
    I guess it is made from:
    – Markouk (it kind of lebanese bread)
    – diced tomatos are used in our main traditional
    appetizer, it is called Taboulé
    – the Parsil is the main ingredient in Taboulé and represent the cedar (in the original flag)

    At the end Lebanon is ranked first in top 44 countries to visit this summer from new york times

    i am definitely LEBANESE :)

  55. Dana Max

    You should make Romanian national flag: blue, yellow, red! Thanks!

  56. adspediaRO

    wow, tasty and what great talent to mold all that food into flags :)

  57. clll

    Those are great. A Swedish flag would be nice but I have a hard time seeing what you would use for the blue in the flag (the yellow could simply be potatoes). Pickled fish culture simply doesn’t lend itself to a lot of colourful variation.

  58. Nazlihan Massey

    No Turkey flag:(

  59. boog

    could they make a usa flag out of burger, fries, and coca cola?

  60. Huscheli

    Wow, they’re great! And make me hungry.
    As a Swiss I want to nitpick a bit though: The Swiss flag is a square and not a rectangle (like most flags.) :D

  61. Oakman

    How can you make a USA flag out of McDonalds and fast food products?

  62. Marie

    I agree that Edward’s comment was a bit harsh and forceful.

    But those that are replying to it aren’t coming off looking any better. “I’m going to eat twice as much meat now!”? Doesn’t anyone realize how childish that sounds?

  63. Martin

    Where’s the Canadian flag made out of back bacon?

  64. Luke

    You know, American cusine is more than just fast food..,

    I imagine an American flag could have barbecued pork ribs and buttermik biscuits for stripes and a big blueberry cobbler with star-shaped crust. We invented all of those dishes (well, not cobbler exactly, but we did come up with several variations).

    Sorry to get all nationalistic on you, but I just hate to see my country sold short.

  65. kkovi

    I want the flag of Hungary!!!! With some kolbász and some zöld paprika and of course the szalonna (or it could be pálinka as well instead of szalonna). But I like the first more.

  66. gratis geld

    Cool, but I miss the Netherlands :P

  67. Martin

    If you do the US you could use blueberries and cranberries which are native to the North America. Mmm…Pie anyone?

  68. sir jorge

    an incredible look at some cooll stuff

  69. nanner

    First of all, I think the Korean flag is the most beautiful piece of art food there is! Secondly, I am going to go and eat a big old cow tonight. Thanks Edward! I didn’t even want meat until I saw your comment!!! Lastly, America is not just hamburgers and fries we could have barbeque and cole slaw and beans or fruit like berries. Yum, yum.

  70. Tanya

    Food for thought: is there a distinction between factory farmed meat, eggs, and dairy eaten as a major part of one’s diet, and consciously & locally-raised meat, eggs, and dairy eaten as a small supplement to a majority whole-foods vegetarian diet?

    This question is for anyone, including those with impulsive, rash, and harsh opinions about diets that do or don’t include animal products.

    I believe we should consider many more worthy questions like this regarding food habits before we let our emotions and defenses (and the security of online anonymity) resign us to rude and impulsive comments.

  71. H.K.

    How could Turkey not be included??? They have the best cuisine in the world, hands-down!!!


    Italy is wonderful. But I want to eat the pastry of Austalia! But! WHERE IS THE USA! My wife say’s WHERE IS THE PHIlIPPINES!

  73. J.D.

    The US Flag would be made out of:

    White: Spray whipped cream
    Red: Red Jell-o
    Blue: Blue slushee?

    And I think that’s be a bit awkward to do. Spot on job, though!

  74. abigail

    makes me want to come up with something for next 4th of july, or move to France, Italy or Greece because those flags look tasty!

  75. shafawi

    i try to do like this for my country flag (malaysia) but it become so difficult .

  76. Yuri Thanh Khuu

    wow, so creative. Ah, there is a flag of Viet Nam. Thank you very much!!! :)

  77. Girl

    Where is The Union Jack?

  78. Steve

    Animals are alive, but many of them are also food. When people get confused in where to place their sympathies, we get groups that think eating food is somehow wrong.
    People for the Eating of Tasty Animals, the new PETA.

  79. Guslahn

    What about Pakistan, and USA… it to much of a challenge


    Where’s the Peruvian flag? (:
    You should make one <3 !

  81. ALP

    pretty ill….

  82. Elizabeth Tonus

    Mmmmm, gotta love me some Lebenon. I want Taboule now.

    Oh and what is in Vietnam flag?
    Those pink puff ball things are way cool. Are they like fruit?

  83. CB

    Italy is making me very, very hungry right now. :)

  84. tal

    really cooooooooooll nice lovin it

  85. Adrienne

    For those wondering where the flags of other countries are, it does say that these were the flags of participating countries. Maybe places like the U.S. and the Philippines weren’t participating in the Sydney International Food Festival? Just a guess.

    I am a bit insulted that people seem to think that hamburgers and french fries are the only things we Americans have to offer. We actually have a wide variety of unique and delicious foods and do not deserve to be stereotyped like this.

    As for the vegetarianism-related comments, I’m not sure what this is accomplishing. Everyone else came here to look at pretty pictures of food, Edward. Additionally, you’re insulting all of the countries with meat as a traditional food (although only three or four of the twelve incorporate meat in their flags). It was at one point necessary for humans to eat other animals, and although many first-world countries now have the ability to forego meat if they so choose, not everyone has that luxury. Meat remains a staple in the diets of many cultures, and for you to judge them for this fact is absurd. As a vegetarian myself (for health reasons, not so much the animals’ rights), I at least acknowledge that others may not have the privilege of choosing exactly what they eat.

  86. Numadonna

    Impressive indeed! I’m sorry for repeating if someone’s already mentioned this, but for all of you suggesting your countries’ flags done, getting colors right is not enough for a flag like this. It also has to be made of groceries representing the given country.

  87. Kriss

    You should make a Romanian flag as well!! -blue, yellow, red. Thank you!

  88. Clare

    The Italy one is my favourite and one I would eat!

  89. MomoTheMofo

    D: Where’s the German and Hungarian flag?!

  90. judyjudy

    The best foods are the italian and the hungarian. Where is the hungarian flag????????

  91. Michael

    Hey Edward, NOBODY CARES :P

    Love this idea…I am so making that Australian meat pie….with extra meat…hehehe

    Followed by the Japanese flag. Tuna sashimi ought to do the trick I think!

  92. Sander

    Where is the Dutch flag? I bet the designers were not from the Netherlands!

  93. Anneke

    Sander- it would probably require the dutch having good food to begin with, because I cannot think of anything dutch that would make an appealing flag

  94. Personofslightinterest


    I can understand why you have said what you have said but why do you say it here? what about leather surely artwork is not a disrespectful as actually wearing the former hide of a cow. and what makes you think that nobody ate these?

  95. Gratis geld

    Impressive indeed! I’m sorry for repeating if someone’s already mentioned this, but for all of you suggesting your countries’ flags done, getting colors right is not enough for a flag like this. It also has to be made of groceries representing the given country.

  96. SinPil

    Here you should do an Irish one. So obvious; Cabbage, Potatoes and Carrots.

  97. Dahdoodoo

    @Elizabeth Tonus

    The pink puffballs are lychees, which are arguably the most delicious Asian fruit around.

  98. Elphi

    I see how they used the foods native to that country as well. Beautiful and delicious!!

  99. Gum Xanek

    @astrodex: Did nature really intend for us that we keep animals in a prison waiting to be eaten? Don’t compare factory farming to what lions do.

  100. AmericaaciremA

    Where the hell is ‘Merica in this food flag shenanigans? They could have at least made it out of double cheeseburgers and such.

  101. MonaPisa

    How cute!
    We want Egypt’s flag then XD

  102. Enrico Martinez

    How about flags of St. Pierre & Miquelon; Swaziland; Sri Lanka; South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands; Sark; San Marino; Tibet; Tristan da Cunha; Virgin Islands; Wales; British Indian Ocean Territory; FIAV

  103. BACON


  104. Pedro

    Very nice…

  105. America

    I found the vegan

  106. jack daniels

    yum yum Greek Flag!

  107. azza

    ayyyy where’s the malta, oh come on!

  108. myfikirler

    It also has to be made of groceries representing the given country.

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