Sponge Sculptures

Sponge Sculptures

Etienne Gros transforms sponges into unique and eye-catching sculptures.

Creative works of art were inspired by the beauty of the human body.

Etienne Gros

Foam Sculptures by Etienne Gros

Les Mousses by Etienne Gros

Sponge Sculptures by Etienne Gros

Sponge Art

Les Mousses

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  1. minions

    never would have thought of that; how unique!

  2. sashimi

    So cool!!

  3. Betty

    very cool.

  4. jiff

    mostly fat people… what about slim people?

  5. GreenGrass

    wow, that’s so cool!!!

  6. Gert

    What an adorable idea. Jiff has obviously never worked in textiles. There are some things you cannot do.

    Oh and that’s plump not fat. Fat is much more lumpy and bulbous. This is more Rubinesque.

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