Paper Art

Paper Art


Danish artist Peter Callesen transforms flat sheets of white paper into unique three-dimensional artworks and sculptures.

Folded objects appear out of the blank A4 paper and the negative space left by the intricate cut acts as the shadow of the newly created figures.

Paper Castle

Paper Artist Peter Callesen

Paper Head

Paper Sculptures by Peter Callesen

Paper Sculpture

Paper Staircase


Paper House

Paper Scull

Fallen Angels

Paper God

Paper Apple

A4 Paper

Paper Sculpture by Peter Callesen

Papercuts by Peter Callesen

Paper Vase

Paper Dancer

Paper Archtecture

Paper Bird

Peter Callesen

Paper Sceleton

Art by Peter Callesen

Paper Art by Peter Callesen

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  1. Nisa Zul

    nice…. really nice…
    it also create a story there… nice..

  2. In Awe

    wow. this may be one my favorite things i’ve ever seen on Toxel.
    how original and unique.
    i absolutely love it. just wow.

  3. mangkum


  4. woops


  5. Pilicks

    Very detailed. I love this!

  6. AMADO

    like :)

  7. Douglas

    Very cool stuff. The description is wrong however. The cut spaces in the paper do not and are not meant to cast the objects shadow. They are a part of the story each piece tells. Very cool stuff.

  8. Gert

    Nothing new about these but well executed nevertheless.

  9. kadal

    i like the fallen angel…

  10. Mel

    No way! I’m astonished!

  11. Jorge Cajina


  12. Hassan

    like it soo much <3

  13. sai


  14. priya


  15. swetha

    very very nice:)

  16. Linda

    What an imagination!! Very detailed, tells a story, intricate & beautiful. I’ve never seen anything quite like this in its skill, talent and imagery. Like!

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